7 thoughts on “I’m Going to Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse”

  • You little chickenshit coward.People started giving you a hard time on the operation repo bluetooth douchebag site so you deleted a couple of comments (don't lie and say you didn't) and then you closed the site to any more comments. I guess that proves the chickenshit part isn't the fact that you closed the comments but that you deleted a couple before you closed it. I'm gonna go on facebook,twitter,etc to let people know exactly what you and your little site are all about. You'll be hearing alot more from me you little baby!!

    1. I'm sick and tired of dealing with dumbass people (yourself included) which is why I closed comments on that particular thread, not the entire site. I'm tired of my site serving as the sounding board for whether a stupid show is real or not, I'm here to make fun of douchebags who think bluetooth headsets make them look cool or important.

      Yep, I deleted some comments. It's my site so I can do whatever the hell I want with it. If that means deleting some comments because they don't contribute anything worthwhile to any sort of productive discussion then I'm going to do that. Censorship isn't anything new. Plus they were just there to try and get a rise out of me. If you have some constructive criticism then I'm more than open to hearing it. If you're just being as anonymous as I am though and making yourself feel better by claiming you shut me up because you think you're right, then I'm going to remove any comments I don't think contribute to a healthy debate.

      Go ahead and let everyone know what a “chickenshit” I am, any press is good press. It's actually pretty sad that this is how you spend your time, getting all upset about a stupid blog I run in my spare time. I think it's more pathetic that you're exerting so much effort over a blog that's just here to make people laugh, I hope people are laughing at you as much as I am…it's truly sad.

      Get over yourself.

      1. The fact that it's your site and you can do or delete anything you want doesn't really make it much of a fair playing field for anyone opposing you. You made a few comments on the repo blog that didn't contribute to a “healthy debate”, but you didn't delete those now did you. Fair for one/fair for all, but whatever. I was surprised to hear you say “get over yourself” , seeing as your not one for cliches.(at least not after the sixth grade).I noticed on the last blog, the last few comments seemed to be laughing more at you than at me so I guess as long as this blog laughs at me and not you it will stay open.But even if some comments do agree with me and more or less laugh at you ,you can just delete them for not contributing to a “healthy debate”……………… If it was my site and I could do whatever I wanted(fair or not)maybe I'd do the same thing….I dunno? Good news for you though,I'm getting bored so I'll go find something more interesting to take up some of my time. ciao. Just a sidenote, in my name I keep mistakingly put the C where the F should go and vise-versa.

  • How about this, Brian? You need permission to post these people's picture on the internet. Laugh, scoff, guffaw all you want but it's the truth.

  • Hey Chuck, lighten up. This site is hilarious!! There are people wearing their little headsets in nightclubs, movie theaters, football game…No one is that important that they need to get phone calls 24/7.

    I saw people wearing then in a Casino at 3am. It is all fun and games and no one is getting hurt.

    There are many site on the internet making fun people. Hell http://www.peopleofwalmart.com is a smash hit and this site will be as well.

    So back off Brian for trying to run his site.

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