A Note to My Loyal Submitters & BTDB Secret Agents

You may have noticed that most of my recent posts are submitted by @bleutool.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about your fantastic submissions, I’m just having issues with my watermarking/uploading/posting process and am working out some kinks while defaulting to some images I already have uploaded and ready to go.

Ideally I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you guys to submit and post, and if anyone has a solution to the watermarking issue which takes up most of my time then I’m all ears.  I’d like to figure out some sort of iPhone/Blackberry/Android apps so that you can instantly upload to a queue which I would simply approve/disapprove in order to control spam.

If you have any other suggestions for the site I’m all ears.  I want to make this site as enjoyable as possible for the visitors as well as the people who submit on a regular basis.


local_offerevent_note February 24, 2010

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One thought on “A Note to My Loyal Submitters & BTDB Secret Agents”

  • Toolkits such as Image Magick can automagically add the watermark when uploaded to the server. Google it yo.

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