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This site won’t last very long unless you begin grabbing those pictures that are oh so prevalent in public now thanks to the trendy douchebag known as the bluetool, bluedouche, bluetooth douche or bluetooth douchebag.  So please send in any pictures you can shoot!  Here’s some advice for nabbing the perfect bluetooth douchebag picture:

Snapping the perfect picture

  • Be discreet! You don’t want to anger them and have a bluedouche turn into an angry douche
  • Pretend you’re talking on the phone like a normal person (this means you have the phone up to your head prepped in “camera mode” ready to get the shot
  • Take a couple pictures just to be safe
  • If you’re a girl and the douche is a dude, compliment them and ask to take their picture…get their email address too so you can show them you were actually making fun of them and not hitting on them, what a douche for thinking a cute girl like you was hitting on such a douche!
  • Look in the right places.  Where are some of the best places to find bluetooth douches??? EVERYWHERE! Seriously, you’re going to see them all over the place now that you have the perfect site dedicated to the public humiliation of people who don’t realize the douche factor involved in wearing these things as fashion statements of self importance

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