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You see them all over the place and now you can finally do something about publicly humiliating those hands free douchebags and bluetooth douches you see running rampant around the airports, restaurants and Scottsdale AZ!

I’m a Hypocrite!

Yes, it’s true, I actually use a Bluetooth headset.  In fact I use the number one rated Aliph Jawbone…but before you get all huffy puffy and start sending me hate mail I’ll let you know that I use it in two places, 1. my home office and 2. in the car.  Those are called “acceptable places” as opposed to walking around the local Starbucks or airport like so many people do who you begin to even question whether they have a cell phone hooked up to it or just want to feel important wearing their birkenstocks with socks.

Just so there’s no confusion

Here’s a list of acceptable and unacceptable places that you can be a bluedouche:

Acceptable Places To Use

  • In the car – for safety purposes of course, it’s even the law in some states
  • At home
  • In your office with the door closed
  • If you’re in a wheelchair or have prosthetic arms
  • NEW! In a hospital bed, best of luck to @fbeaman‘s father
  • If you’re Leslie Cochran, wherever you want!

Unacceptable places to use

  • In the airport, it causes confusion
  • While talking to someone face to face, it’s rude
  • At dinner
  • On a date
  • At K-Momo
  • While parusing the hotpants section at TJ-Maxx
  • At a wedding
  • On the golf course
  • At the beach
  • On covers of magazines!
  • Starbucks

If you can think of any other places where it’s unacceptable to use please let me know and I’ll expand my list.  Most importantly, SUBMIT PICTURES!

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  • Who the fuck died and made you Tasha queen of losers who have no fucking life. Grow a life or just suck a double barreled shot gun and pull both triggers. What people choose to do is their own business, and it’s just sad you actually spend real time supporting this site.

    1. Alright SLC punk (Aurora to be more specific), let's break it down for ya.

      First off, you don't need to put the same comment three times in order for me to hear you. Just from that I'm guessing you're one of those emo kids who wear all black and have safety pins holding their fucking NOFX patches onto their Jansport backpacks and still have a hard time getting noticed or having their voice heard because all you have time to do is feel sorry for yourself and cry while listening to AFI or whatever the fuck emo kids are listening to these days.

      Second, I'm not Tasha queen of losers…although she IS my friend and takes offense to that comment.

      Third, “Grow a life”?….I wouldn't have guessed that English is your second language but maybe you're also the type of emo kid that drops out of high school because life as a 15 year old is just too hard 🙁 .

      Fourth, I didn't know double barrel shotguns had two triggers, that's kind of cool, although you're still an idiot because I really would only need to pull one trigger in order for your suicidal threat to work.

      Fifth, You are correct, what people choose to do IS their own business…which is why it's ironic you're attacking me for doing MY business of making fun of those who wear bluetooth earpieces in public like douchebags.

      Sixth, It's sad you took the time to comment on my blog three times. I plan on making money with this mother fucker, what do you plan on doing?

      Thanks for venting and giving me the chance to tear you apart. I respect your right to post on my blog which is why I'm not deleting it (First amendment and all).

      However, I will be informing my attorneys that someone may have threatened me based upon their “fuckyouanddie” username. My guys love to tackle these sorts of online disputes too so be careful what you type, the internet is a great place to get sued.

  • Good job. This is some funny shit. I will definitely keep tabs on you. Keep going with it. And, Fuck the losers, their pissed they didn't think of it.

  • Good job. This is some funny shit. I will definitely keep tabs on you. Keep going with it. And, Fuck the losers, their pissed they didn't think of it.

  • Great blog. I love it. only i wish you didnt watermark the photos it's really pretty douchebaggy . maybe when you get enough readers you could take it off or make it smaller. great content though. also do you tweet your posts?

    1. Glad you like it, good suggestions too. Honestly, if I didn't have to watermark each picture I'd save a ton of time but after seeing “HotChicksWithDouchebags.com” steal pictures from “TheDirty.com” when it was DirtyScottsdale.com back in the day, I figured I need to protect myself…I can probably be a little less obnoxious with the placement of the watermark.

      I do tweet my posts, follow me at Twitter.com/BTDB

  • Hi, just a suggestion:

    Are the remarks on each douchebag's taste in clothes or physical appearance really necessary? I'm all for bashing bluetooth douchebags but maybe we all should leave out how people look or dress… I mean, who are we to judge? There are some very important, powerful, rich and/or influential people in this world who have strange tastes concerning clothes or who generally “look funny”. I mean, look at The Beatles back in the day…

    What do you think about my suggestion? Please let me know.

    Keep up the good work, I despise all bluetooth douchebagginess!

      1. Hello again.

        Well I'll try to name a few, just so you see what I mean:
        – “The Longer the Arms, the Bigger the Deals” – OK, so the guy is tall… what does that have to do with bluetooth douchebaggery? I probably would say something about the fact that BOTH HIS HANDS ARE FREE and his phone is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Mentioning basketball doesn't help to give your site a better image.
        – “Which is More Stylish, My New Bluetooth Earpiece or My Stance?” OK, her stance and hair are weird… but it's not that that we BTDB-catchers should notice, it's just the fact that she is not in a situation that would require the headset. In a store? Is it THAT important to keep your hands free while shopping?
        – “The Ever Elusive Philly Mullet/Bluetooth Headset Combo” OK, the mullet is hilarious, but again it's the bluetooth douchebaggery we should be focused on, not the guy's hair.
        – “Sellin’ Ya Gas & Closin’ Deals in the Tokyo Market” This one might be a wee bit offensive to the asian community… I mean what if the man was Korean and not Japanese? One shouldn't suppose that “they” are all alike… and I think you'll agree that writing “Sellin' Ya Gas” for an Asian guy is a bit too much.

        I receive your updates regularly and laugh my ass off at the scenarios these people use their BT headsets in, and I'm sure 95% of the posts stick to the headset douchebagginess and not wisecracks at the BTDB's looks, clothes or job. Here in Europe I have seen some BTDBs, like guys just casually buying DVDs or whatever but I haven't yet seen the likeness of the craziness that is on BTDB.com!

        So in order to make a great website even better, my suggestion is to keep the remarks focused on the situations, the size and style of the headsets used inappropriately and the overall ludicrousness (does that word exist?) of the situation. I'm not the one getting offended here and I think Political Correctness is B.S. but since you do have sponsors on the site you might want to think if they want to be recognized as sponsors of a site that “may” have offensive remarks regarding people's looks, clothes or even race.

        Please don't take me wrong, I just needed to let you know my thoughts. Keep up the great work!

  • I posted this on my Facebook before I stumbled upon your site, and I've got nothing but grief over it.

    We need to talk about the Blue Tooth headset. Men, it is not a fashion accessory. If you have one on right now you’re a douche bag. There are only 2 times it’s permissible to wear one. The first is if you’re driving your car. You must be on a call that exact moment. Driving with one on your ear just in case you might get a call makes you a douche bag. The second is if your hands are full of life saving equipment, and you are rushing to save a life that very instant. Also, you must be receiving life saving instructions on the headset. If any of these three requirements are not met, and you have one hanging on your ear, you are a douche bag.
    It doesn’t matter how much you make, what your job title is or what your girl friend looks like, using one of these things without meeting the guidelines posted above makes you a douche bag. I don’t care how many touchdowns, home runs or girls you bagged in high school you are not cool enough to pull this off. Nathan Fillion is the coolest man on the planet at this moment, and he can’t do it. Please, stop trying. Frankly, even if you are on a call in your car or saving a life you still look like a douche bag, it’s just that you have a good excuse to look like one.
    Don’t tell me your girl friend or wife does it all the time. You should know by now that there just some things that girls can do that boys can’t. Get over it. Besides, I don’t want to hear you blathering away like an idiot, especially in the restroom. There should be no talking in the men’s restroom. What’s happening in there is not a social event. The only time you’re allowed to talk to me in a public restroom is to tell me that there’s a fire, and it’s on me. Keep it short. “Hey, you’re on fire.” That’s it.
    Thank you for your support.

    I know if we work together we can save the world.

    After see your website I know feel validated.

    1. You need an edit button. I wrote the above post while my BTDB boss was roaming the cube farm, and misspelled and misused a few words in my rush. There's nothing worse than ridiculing a DB only to find out you've used poor grammar, bad spelling, and incorrect punctuation.

  • I have never quite understood websites like this and the people who create them. Which is to say, sites created by individuals who evidently have so much time on their hands that they can focus all of their pent up energy doing an inordinate amount of bitching about otherwise insignificant bits of pop culture and fashion.

    Please, explain it to me. What could possibly be so irritating about wearing the “wrong” shoes, a Bluetooth headset, listening to a certain kind of music that drives somebody so far up the wall that they have to constantly complain about it and then rally other like (and small) minded individuals together to piss and moan as well? So the ringleader feels justified? It boarders on the pathetic. Why not simply ignore it?

    What? You don’t like or dislike the same things as I do? Well then you are obviously less of a person.

    At any rate, I found an older Bluetooth headset the other day that I thought I had lost, but this site has inspired me to start using it again. Especially Krepitus’s comment. I am going to wear it at the urinals while talking about various aspects of human anatomy (I knew that Anthropology degree would pay off!). I am going to wear It when I shop and scowl at people as if they’re intruding upon my conversations. I shall also wear it at fuel stations and rest stops (even if I am not the one driving at the time) and talk boisterously enough so that everybody within earshot can hear me. Anything I can possibly do to annoy or otherwise make people like you uncomfortable.

    By the way, I was kidding when I asked for an explaination. I don’t give a damn and wont be back to read your oh-so-witty comments that I’m sure would make Wilde blush.

    “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

    1. You’re obviously missing the point of this site. I’m not making fun of people for petty fashion decisions, I’m making fun of people who wear their bluetooth headsets in public regardless of whether they need to just so they can appear important. I’m making fun of their inflated egos and their constant need to make other people like them. The funny thing is, it all backfires because the general public knows these are douchebags and disapprove of this trend. Just check the videos section, there are more famous & important people that have my same viewpoint.

      I do like your Eleanor Roosevelt quote though.

  • Thank friggin’ god for your site man… I too am a (pardon the MTV-speak) “hater” of the Bluetooth megalomaniacs… Unless you’re a fucking on-call neurosurgeon? Put it the fuck down when you’re in line at some Starbucks etc. PLEASE. You really don’t look important, you in fact are accomplishing the exact opposite of your apparent goal… you look like a friggin’ tool people.

    LOVE the site!

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