7 thoughts on “The Ever Elusive Philly Mullet/Bluetooth Headset Combo”

  • stand back boys and girls , i got this one.. by the way , great find jason !!!!
    first of all, whats up with walmart special jeans? anyone that sports a mullet, knows the number rule!!! you can sport one of those unless you are wearing levis !!!!! and what up with jacket???? bikers wear harley jackets !!! leather harley jackets !!!! correct me if im wrong, but thats not a levi poduct either is it…. i would kill to see his shoes!!!!!!

    picture you will , saturday night out at the bar… ironhorse is packed (phx,az)… this fool rolls up in there with stylish knock offs here … and that hair!!!!

    OMG becky !!!! bet he leaves with pig tails , lip gloss , and stripped of who knows how many pionts of his manly rights/points……

    wonder if his legs are shaved ? is he a switch-hitter? what do think , g-string or not????

    pass me the clippers and some tissues ladies… someone has to do did and since i like to make boys cry…. im the girl for the job….

    no man should look prettier than the girl he is standing next too……

    joe dirt wanta be somebody someday….

  • that thing is as long as his hair and more than likely , bigger than his equipment … think he's trying to make up for his lack of ??????

  • Clearly hardcore, you can tell by the bad ass chain. I think that is actually a 'kentucky waterfall', hell I could be wrong… I'm not the resident expert here. I can tell you that he drives a 1997 chevey suburban, he's not driving it today, or he'd be wearing his nascar jacket. When he speaks he calls everyone 'bro' or 'bud'.

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