Dirty Jersey Ultimate Douchebag


Actually…It’s Florida

But seriously, doesn’t this look like a typical dirty Jersey guido douchebag?  His Myspace name is Tu Chiko Dorado which I believe means “Skinny Cigarettes.”

Who’s He Talking To?

Judging by his pose it’s his urologist, he’s asking why it burns when he pees (crotch grab) after that night in Miami where he blacked out.  He’s also talking to his boyfriend who’s in the room and pointing to the Ed Hardy shirt he plans on wearing to the club tonight.

Contact Him

If you want to contact this douche, just email him at [email protected] and ask him why he chooses to wear a bluetooth earpiece for his Myspace picture but decides the shirt is just unnecessary.

local_offerevent_note August 3, 2009

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