Entourage – Johnny Drama is a Bluetooth Douchebag – Aliph Jawbone

johnny-drama-jawboneJohnny Johnny Johnny

I’ll go easy on you because you’re in  car, and that’s one of the approved places to use the bluetooth.  Plus that Lincoln Continental is badass so it sort of cancels out the douche factor.  The only thing I really have a problem with is this obvious product placement by Aliph.  The thing that sucks is that it was so effective there’s news about it all over Google.  I thought the big news last night was that Eric Murphy is shutting down the Murphy Group…but alas, the bluetooth earpiece once again grabs the spotlight.

What happened to Coca Cola?

I hope eventually this site becomes popular enough to where we don’t have to worry about these stupid product placements and get back to the Coca Cola product placements that seem to find their way into EVERYTHING on television!

local_offerevent_note August 3, 2009

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