Ron Artest is a Bluetooth Douchebag

Alright Ron Artest, you won your first championship and have a big appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, better make the most of it with some weird attention whoring pants.


Wait a minute…WTF is that in your ear? Is that a bluetooth headset? Maybe he was just closing deals back stage and forgot to take it off.


Wait, nope, he’s keeping it in.  He’s wearing a bluetooth headset on national television.  Jimmy should be offended and insulted, how rude is that???


Ron Artest obviously didn’t forget about it as you can see him adjusting it here.


Jimmy asked him if he really has that thing in his ear and Ron Artest just skirts the question, mentioning that he’s been out all night and needs to take a shower.



Is this really what our society has come to? Are these the people we’re supposed to look up to and emulate?  How many of those stupid Lakers headsets are going to be sold over the weekend because of this appearance?  Plenty of material for my site yes, but to be quite honest, if I had to shut my site down due to the lack of bluetooth headset wearers I would actually rejoice in knowing that maybe I had a small part in ridding the world of this stupid trend.

I guess I shouldn’t expect much from the Lakers considering they come from a city that riots after winning any and every championship like a bunch of dumbass hooligans, and it certainly doesn’t help that the team captain is a rapist. I thought football players got the worst of it by displaying idiotic behavior in public but the Lakers are certainly doing a good job at proving me wrong.

Hey Ron Artest, didn’t your mom teach you manners?  It’s rude to wear a bluetooth headset in public let alone while being interviewed on national television.  What would you do if your psychiatrist wore one during your sessions?

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5 thoughts on “Ron Artest is a Bluetooth Douchebag”

  • hey douche,what world do you live in? I did'nt know they made you the blue tooth police.As far as being rude, put down your Harry Potter and get back to the real world. That's L.A. deal with it, ignore it, get over it. Yeah, like the Lakers were the only ones ever to riot after winning a championship. Was it right? No. Every Metro has their knuckleheads.It will never change. We're not as fortunate as you midwestern folk.Passionate, Yeah. Congrats Lakers.They have better time listening to all you haters anyway.keep on hating if you have to.sweet reading.

    1. The bluetooth police position is self appointed, I saw a problem with douchebags and am doing something about it.

      Where the hell did you get Harry Potter from? That shit sucks.

      The Lakers didn't riot after the game, the dumbass fans did, although Kobe probably did some rapin'.

      I'm not from the midwest, not sure where you got that idea. Also, not sure why someone from Seattle is defending the Lakers…oh that's right, you don't have much in the way of professional sports to root for up there.

  • This site is fuckin stupid dude, its for a bunch of butthurt fags who hate on people that use modern technology cuz they are too lame to update past their clunky ass corded headsets… bluetooth is an industry standard in many types of wireless devices, a convenience, and a huge upgrade from corded technology…

    1. Ha! Sounds like someone just discovered they're a Bluetooth douchebag! Who's the butthurt fag now? It's not about hating on modern technology dumbass, it's about hoping people think you're an important person that everyone wants to talk to by keeping a Bluetooth headset in at all times, especially in public situations or while talking to someone face to face which is just simply rude.

  • Yep Artest is an asswipe – just like any a-hole who has to wear these
    in public to look important.
    Get a clue people –

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