In-N-Out of Business Meetings



This guy is teaching his kid some bad behavior wearing that thing in public…at least he got him a vanilla shake though.
Also, is it just me or does he look like Jimmy Stewart from “It’s a Wonderful Life?”
Location: In-N-Out Burger
Submitted by: @bleutool

local_offerevent_note May 13, 2010

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2 thoughts on “In-N-Out of Business Meetings”

  • Seriously, which is harder when you spot one of these: Getting the picture, or not slapping the person along side their pointy head and screaming, “Get that piece of plastic out of your ear, shithead! All of us hate you!!!”

    1. Both equally difficult. I'll be uploading a video of some douchebag I ran into at the Home Depot who was loud as hell for a solid 5 minutes talking down to one of his employees on his bluetooth about how he needs that home in Scottsdale finished….THIS CLOSE to telling him to shut the hell up!

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