OMG Mike WTF ROTFLcopter, Booties, Speedo, Bluetooth & Glassese



So apparently this was at some client event in Miami and this guy’s name is OMG.  Thoroughly confused? Me too.  Let’s break this one down since there’s so much going on:

  • It’s cold.  How can I tell?  The two people interviewing OMG are bundled up so much that even the camerawoman has to cover her face…or that might be to mask her reaction to this guy’s…well, you know
  • The shade of the sky indicates a sunrise…this guy doesn’t even wait for the sun to come up before doing interviews AND closing deals at the same time!
  • I’m trying to figure out what his tattoo is, either it’s some sort of sea creature or a map to his hidden treasure he just buried in case he stops closing so many deals
  • Is that his big ass truck in the background?  If so then this guy gets a pass…not because it’s a giant expensive truck but because his speedo matches it

Location: Miami
Submitted by: Skippy Matador

local_offerevent_note February 4, 2010

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