Will-I-Am A Douchebag…Dude, You’re on the Red Carpet!



Awful, just awful…of course, he is in the industry so he has to subscribe to stupid fashion trends.

local_offerevent_note January 13, 2010

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2 thoughts on “Will-I-Am A Douchebag…Dude, You’re on the Red Carpet!”

  • I suspect it snowballed: first the obnoxious thing on his wrist, then the extra-tall sillyhat, but he needed something to 'tie it all together'… Voila! The blinged-out earpiece was just the call.

    If he just stuck to the suit and tie, he'd actually look classy (it's the Grammys, not MTV!). But nooo – he had to go all K-Fed instead.

    So close, yet SO far…

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