FedEx Kinkos Employee Politely Not Punching This Guy in the Face



“So you see, I wear my bluetooth headset EVERYWHERE and put my sunglasses on my back when I’m not using them.  Did I tell you how many deals I closed today?  I need a new PowerPoint deck printed so I can close some more deals tomorrow.  I’m awesome.”
Location: FedEx Kinkos
Submitted by: @bleutool

local_offerevent_note January 8, 2010

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4 thoughts on “FedEx Kinkos Employee Politely Not Punching This Guy in the Face”

  • was this taken in houston? I totally saw a douchebag guy like that when I went to kinkos!

    1. Not sure where this was taken…certainly is possible though that there are just a TON of these exact douchebags and you haven't truly noticed until now (kind of like the agents in The Matrix).

  • You can tell by her hand gestures that she's probably explaining something that's obvious to other customers. Like, the normal store rules still apply, even to Record-holding Deal Closers, he'll have to wait his turn for the PPT printouts just like everyone else, and sorry, there are only 2 people working this afternoon, so it may take awhile.

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