VIDEO: Closin’ Deals in the Doctor’s Office


At first I thought this guy was just on a conference call in his office behind him and was waiting to meet someone coming in to meet him through the main doors, still douchey…but alas!  Jay from informed me that this was in fact a doctor’s waiting room!  How douchetastic is that!?!?!  Congratulations to Jay for being the VERY FIRST person to submit a video of someone being such a bluetooth douchebag.  He is now an honorary BTDB Secret Agent!
My favorite quote: “After the convention, bro, I’ma be I’ma be burning San Antonio up, so y’all better get ready”
Location: Doctor’s Office in Houston Heights, TX
Submitted by: Jay from

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Closin’ Deals in the Doctor’s Office”

  • Yes, I'm commenting on my own post here because I keep watching this clip over and over, I'm so amazed that there are people out there doing this…it's just not proper societal etiquette people!!

  • I'll try to give you a bit of background here. This is in a doctor's waiting room. When I got there, he was on a laptop on a conference call using Skype and a video feed. I know this because he was really loud about it. I started taking pictures, but then I realized I had a videocam on my phone that I never use.

    You can't see the other people in the waiting room, because they are behind the wall there. I named him CEO DudeBro, and Tweeted the videos. I've never had so much fun in a waiting room.

    He went on for some time, discussing how many G's he was clocking that month, and at one point he talked about some custom jeans he was getting at the mall.

    Another gem that I memorized: “I'm gonna need you to make Regional by next August, bro. I wanna see you up on that stage with me”.

    1. This just keeps getting better and better. I truly want to know more about this guy and what network marketing/MLM he's part of, I bet he's famous in certain San Antonio circles!

  • As to the level of fame in certain circles, I'm gonna have to disagree. Ive met my share of MLM folks. The famous ones are for the most part cool as hell. The douchebagedness we have just witnessed is predominantly found with the lower level ass clowns that think they're going to get-rich-quick. “Im gonna be burning San Antonio up……….AFTER the convention.” No, my friends what we have here is a weak and feeble mind trying to express itself forcefully in some sort of “my mommy never breast fed me” need for attention. Webster clearly defines douchebag as the deal closer in this video.

  • I've thought many times about doing a site like this…. LOL I'm glad someone has done it.

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