Would You Like Some Green Tea With Your Ice Douchebag?

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Seriously, do they not have ice in Italy?  Isn’t that wear they invented shaved ice?  It’s not that hot out here in AZ anymore…simma down on the ice!

Location: QT in Phoenix, AZ

Submitted by: Yimmy the Tulip

local_offerevent_note September 23, 2009

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4 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Green Tea With Your Ice Douchebag?”

    1. No, he's a douchebag for wearing a bluetooth headset in public. The ice part was just an observation. I'm guessing you're upset because you probably just realized you're part of the group of people I'm poking fun at on here. Do you wear a bluetooth headset? Why else would you have such animosity towards my site?

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