Lou Pizarro from “Operation Repo” – Fake Show

UPDATE: If you want to see how a REAL repo business is run, check out Larry Pittman on “Repossessed” on the National Geographic Channel







“Operation Repo” is a blatantly staged “reality show” on the Tru network.  I saw a promo and noticed this Lou Pizarro douchebag was wearing a bluetooth earpiece during the interview.  Unless you’re on an organ transplant waiting list my guess is there’s no call important enough to interrupt the cast interview taking place for this fine television program.

Two more things, 1. Just look at his wife…jesus H! 2. Their “tow truck” is a Ford F-250 with a make shift tow assembly in the back (you can see it in the cast picture).  How pathetic is that?  I can’t believe this show is still on!

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  • Who is his wife? The fat blond woman? That is his sister Sonia. And their “tow truck?” What did you expect? A Rolls? Geez…. Get a clue. Just because these people don't spend thousands of dollars on boob jobs and makeup does not mean they are fake. They are REAL PEOPLE doing REAL JOBS! If you don't like looking at the real world, turn on Kardashians or Jon and Kate.

    Get well soon, Lou!

    1. Wow, you're a moron. Why would I expect a “Rolls”…I'd expect an actual tow truck, not some outfitted F-250.

      1. Lou Pizarro is a standup comedian, not a repo man.

      2. The show is fake, Lou's heart attack is fake:

      3. If you're still not convinced…how is this clip below real? It's not. If you think it is then you probably also believe in global warming and fortune telling.

      4. Who repo's a baloon? Who attacks a kid while their father does jack shit about it?

      It truly saddens me to think there are people out there who actually believe this show is legit, and enough so to defend it on a website dedicated to bluetooth douchebags of all places.

      I'll see you at the DMV.


      1. you know what maybe the show itself is fake but the point of the show is not to show what “EGA recovery” is goin through on a daily basis but all repo men and woman go through yes the show is fake ok.and guit calling people douchebags its just a damn tv show so get over yourself and quit talking about it

    2. You say Lou is a stand up comedian and not a Repo man. Um, have you ever heard of having a second job, or changing careers? You're the moron–for getting upset over something you can't prove one way or the other. The show is not staged! The blonde is his sister, and you are way to caught up in this ''fake show', so get yourself a life 'JamesmasterDORK' and try reading a book!! You know, increase your vocabulary a little. In addition, do a little research on your own, because the show is NOT staged, nor is it fake. I think you're the douchebag this site refers to!

      1. dont call people morons you idot CATEYES if thats you real name the show is fake and thanks for everyone support and genrousity through out the seasons

        – Lou Pizzaro
        [email protected]

        1. So Lou you tell us the truth is it real or fake. I believe it's fake you can tell by the bad acting job matt does and other things an average person can see. Be honest now are these real events or scripted. If your honest your career will go farther if not it will go down the drain and people will start to hate you!!!!. So what is it?

      2. i agree the show is not fake!!! the ppl are experiencing the real thing!!! how would those morons like it if they were on the show that everyone said was staged and fake!!! they wouldnt like it would they??? they should think about that!! am i right???

        1. how are you gonna say the show is not fake when lou his self freakin says its fakes you idiot look at the disclaimer before the show and maybe you will understand now thats not to say thats not a good show it is i like it but get your freakin facts straight

    3. You cain't get more fake than this. That fake stunt man, the bald guy, he's been stunned, beat with small ends of poll sticks. Why whenever there's a confrontation it doesn't esclate past a couple of pushes from the big guy………yea right. What makes it fake is the see thru drama with these wierd people they find to take cars from.

    4. sonia is froy's ex wife 9L NEARLY FELL OUT OF THE COUCH when he said that. He could pick a better chick than that and did you se the way she becomes angry when there are cute females around…interesting

  • You … asshole … YOU”RE the douchebag. That's not his wife. It's his sister. Feel stupid now? YOU SHOULD !

    1. Wife, sister, whatever…not like I could stand watching the show long enough to find out. Either way that's not the point…the point is she shouldn't be on television for obvious reasons.

      I can't believe there are two people now that have come to defend the honor of this horrific show, my faith in humanity is fading.

      1. Look douche: None of those links even remotely support your argument! You just hate the guy because he has a bluetooth in his ear. Sorry you couldn't make your payments and got your shit taken away because you are an ass, but that is no reason to slam REAL people for doing their REAL jobs.

        Did you ever think that if they had a “real” tow truck with the name of their business on the side, people would notice? If they want to get deadbeats like you, they gotta be quiet about it.

        I hope you never have to watch a parent go through a heart attack. That would just be too real for you. Isn't “Toddlers and Tiaras” on? That show, obviously, is more your style, douche.

        You could not stand the show long enough to find out anything about it? I could say the same things about “reality” shows you are addicted to like Rehab, or The Hills or Jon and Kate or Girls Next Door or Survivor. Those are all, obviously, fake, right? I have only seen a few minutes of Girls Next Door, and, from that, I can tell ALL those shows are fake, right? Let me post links from those shows to prove my point.

        Grainy video of a large man doing stand up? How much do you think local stand up comics make? Enough to pay rent, buy food, and pay for utilities and transportation? Really? What world do you live in? I want what you are smoking!

        SOME people that wear bluetooth headsets are douche bags. The “oh look at how important I think I am because I have this thing stuck in my ear” but in California, it is actually ILLEGAL to use a phone without a headset while driving. And, guess what? The show is filmed IN CALIFORNIA!

        Do you think before you speak?

        1. Alright Eric, this is getting stupid…I'm guessing from the passionate responses I've received thus far that the actual people from Operation Repo are defending their honor…not like they have much else to do. If there really are fans of this show that are taking all this time to respond then the general public really is dumber than I thought, Pendleton High, class of '89 must have had a phenomenal program.

          Let's break down your most recent rant:

          1. “None of those links even remotely support your argument”
          Oh really? So it's normal for repo people to engage in physical confrontations? They're actually only allowed by law to protect themselves in a confrontation initiated by the other party….they can't go around tackling people. What about the Michael Jackson Delorean imitator? That's real? You're an idiot. Also, who said I got my shit taken away? I like the show “Jacked” because that's a REAL repo show, not some dumbass made up show like Operation Repo. Also, I don't hate the guy, I'm just making fun of him…lighten up. I make fun of myself all the time, it's called self deprecating humor.

          2. Most other repo companies out there have a tow truck, they do their surveillance in an under cover car first in order to AVOID confrontation, which is how they would prefer to repo cars…not engage the person and make a stupid show about it.

          3. Toddlers and Tiaras? That show scares the shit out of me, why would I watch that?

          4. Why are you assuming I'm addicted to Rehab, The Hills, John & Kate, Girls Next Door and Survivor? Have you been checking my Tivo? SHIT! I'm guessing you probably like The Amazing Race, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and….America's Next Top Model. Only one of those is watchable and it's initials are ATHF.

          5. Local standups don't even make THAT much, but they also don't do Repo on the side, they wait tables & do other jobs that don't require them owning an actual business and especially one that requires long hours.

          6. If you took the time to read my “About BTDB” page you'd learn that in the car is one of the approved places to wear bluetooth headsets BECAUSE it's a law in CA and is spreading around the states. Just take that shit out when you get out of the car OR ARE DOING A TV INTERVIEW FOR YOUR FAKE SHOW CALLED OPERATION REPO!

          7. “Do you think before you speak?”
          Yes. When YOU think, does it hurt?

        2. HEY MORON!!! read the small print before the show starts it says these are actors acting out true events….. ITS IS FAKE WOW … It is people like you who keep crap like this on TV

        3. I have too many points to make, so I'll focus on my favorites…This site is devoted to bluetooth wearing douchebags such as Lous fat ass, that's why he is being spoken of. You talk about REAL people doing REAL jobs, what show are you speaking of? Operation “Repo” has been proven to be fake time and time again. They use the truck that they do BECAUSE it ISN'T quiet, and BECAUSE it takes longer. If they didn't want to be noticed, they would use any one of the MANY new, faster and much more quiet rigs. Also, what about the follow along van and entire CREW of big, bright cameramen? If thats not quiet and sneaky, I don't know what is…..you stupid fucktard. When they are doing their “talking head” interviews, in the studio, he might be in Cali, but he ain't driving…That's why he is on this site…YOU STUPID FUCKTARD. Take Lous dick out of your mouth and get a life with a little excitement so you don't have to live thru him. (Which by the way might be a bad idea, because his football sized heart is going to attack him any second, for real, not just for tv ratings) You suck at life and are a prime example of the need for a 32nd trimester abortion…

        4. ok about the tow truck thing. Any one that knows ANYTHING about towing a car would NOT tow one with a “tow truck” like that. I am in the repo business and every repo business including the one I work for have REAL tow trucks. They are not huge trucks like most people thing they have collapsable booms and yes you can get in and get out with a car in under 2 mins with one. And YES all repo companies in my area DO have their names on their trucks. You have to with it registed as commercial cause its the LAW. They may be a real repo company but what they show you on TV for the most part is total BS. You can NOT put you hands on someone if they do not put their hands on you first. You always hook the car up and take it OUT of the driveway before you ask for keys. You can NOT pick the lock or the ignition on a car its against the law no matter what. You hook the car up and drag it till your far enough away to hook it up by the drive wheels so it rolls.
          If the car is still in the driveway most police departments will not let you take it cause it is technically still on the debtors property. Hence why you ALWAYS ALWAYS hook it up first cause you have a fighting chance with the cops to say you have possession of the car.
          You do NOT need a repo license in all states, all you need is repo and towing insurance. I can not say if the show is completely real or fake. However if you watch the episode where they repo a SUV and it gets shot at. Notice in one of the shots as they are driving away that they left the camera man to take a shot and it shows him just standing there filming as they are driving off getting shot at. Come on use some common sense here people what camera man is gonna stand there as shots are going off not even trying to protect himself???? no less be left behind to get a better angle???

          Again they ARE a real repo company but not all the repos are real. If you watch Repossessed” on National Geographic about JAM recovery in NJ that is more along the lines of how real repo's get done. I know that company and those people and even they have to stage a couple of things when repos are going how they normally do…smooth.

          1. Wow, nice plug for Nat Geo/Jam, but think again, Repossessed is staged too!! If you know the “company” you'll know the truth. Wrestling a “biker” to the ground over an Escalade, please. Posing as an Auto Task Force agent, impersonating an officer of the law is a crime in any state. Anyone who owns a Harley knows that a dealer does not contract out their own repossessions. It's pretty amazing, he's out making money, yet there are lots of people looking for money from him, just ask his previous landlord who just evicted him!! Scam artist at best. It's amazing what people will fall for…

          2. njrepo……………….here in California the trucks you see with the Texas Equipment Booms that fold up are to protect the innocent (The Field Adjuster) and you do not have to have your name on the side of the truck here (thats like rattin' on what your doing) only your RA number is on the boom it must be visible only when you have a car hooked up…..”.NO BREACHING THE PEACE” is the law here…. if you do….. you better have it hooked up when the cops come….. here shits so bad you gotta go in stealth…..people see a wheel lift without a name in L.A. they know whats comin' that why we use one tons ,3/4 tons with beds with a boom so they don't suspect anything…..we even had one old Chevy that had a camper shell(or a topper) that woked very well

        5. Thanks seb. James is a master douchebagg!! If he ” don't” watch the show then why is he spending his whole time writing about them. He's so stupid ! Sonia is his sister you fuckin fag!!! Get a life!!!!!! Or they'll repo your car !!!

          1. Why is it the people who attempt to insult me are the ones who resort to childish name calling and obviously have an IQ of under 70? Why is “don't” in quotes? I don't spend all my time writing about it, the crazy thing about the internet is that I write something once and it stays up…I don't have to keep writing it over and over each day.

          2. wow u really are so stupid! Maybe u have family issues u need to resolve! Ur life is faker then what u think operation repo is ! Maybe ur a pedophile lookin for the right little boys and girls that fits your needs!!'fagggot

          3. You make yourself look more and more stupid as you post. It is obvious to anyone reading this that you dropped out of school in the 9th grade, at the most. The fact that you had to resort to calling someone a “pedophile” just because you can't express youself or your thoughts, proves my statements to be true…..

        6. the fact that it is filmed in California should be a hint that it is fake.
          There aren't any blurs on anyone faces. In California it is illegal to record
          a person without their signed/written consent. I highly all of the people
          being repo'd are gonna want their faces shown.

          JamesMC I like your comments and arguments.

      2. If you don't watch the show how do you know about it ? Mind reader ? OK…so give me the next winning lottery #'s.

        1. I don't watch it, I've seen clips of it.

          Alright, you got me, I secretly LOVE the show but like to make fun of it.

          Tonight's lottery numbers are 8 17 18 34 37 and a Powerball of 42

      3. James, my faith in humanity faded completely 5 minutes into my first episode. Trust me, there isn't a human being who is stupid enough to believe this show is real. These people are yanking your chain, or this board has been infiltrated with 6 year olds (nah, on second thought…that's an insult to 6 year olds).

        The people 'defending this show as real' are as fake as the show is. Kinda ironic.

    2. Froy was married to Sonja. Lou is her brother. Lyndah is Lou's daughter. That being cleared up…real or not real, who really cares. It is fun to watch,

  • Whether it's real or not, I still like the show. I'm sure there are people out there who do stupid things when it comes to their vehicles being repo'd. I'm not sure what having a bluetooth has to do with anything. It's against the law in California, and Washington (where I'm from) to drive and talk on the cellphone. I have a bluetooth, and many times will just leave it on my ear when I go to the store, when I'm at home, etc. It's convenient for more than just driving – I can cook, etc., while talking on it. If you go to Wikipedia, it does say that the characters play as themselves, so that part seems to be real. As the rest….*shrugs*….don't know, I still find it entertaining to watch stupid people.

    1. tigerdancer, thank you for writing a coherent and thoughtful comment, it's nice to finally get some sort of dialogue going with someone who's clearly not an idiot.

      The only reason a bluetooth earpiece has anything to do with this show is that Lou insists on wearing it unnecessarily, like in the interview portions or when he's not in the car.

      I understand the law and even have a couple videos on the site here that people have made, well worth checking out

      I have a bluetooth as well but only use it at home or in the car…definitely remove it in public though…just warning you in case you think someone's trying to be sneaky and snap a picture:

      As far as the Wikipedia page saying the characters play themselves…that really doesn't mean much, that's like saying I'm just being me. The situations they're in are obviously fabricated…plus anyone can edit Wikipedia entries.

      I agree with you though, it is somewhat entertaining to watch stupid people on TV. It's always nice to have that time to just unwind and “veg out.”

      I'd be hard pressed to find any show on TV that was completely genuine and real with no sort of fabrication…but for a show that's obviously fake claiming to be real, that's what gets under my skin.

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. “…..definitely remove it in public though…just warning you in case you think someone's trying to be sneaky and snap a picture:”

        Thanks, I'll keep that in mind lol. Good thing my hair usually covers it up…I usually end up forgetting it in my house. ;p

        As for wikipedia – that's true. I do agree with your last statement. They shouldn't be claiming it to be real when it's not. There's too many people these days who think t.v. is real.

      2. I still have not seen how it can be fake. People flip out over their car being repoed because they have not made payments. You charge it is fake because they do not use a tow truck. Think about this: If you were trying to avoid the repo man and saw a tow truck, wouldn't you move your car? Think about it. The bank is trying to do their job: get back what is theirs. If someone has been avoiding paying, wouldn't they also avoid trying to get their car taken from them?

        Let's say some woman owns a dress shop. Has owned it for 10 years. One day, she decides she is a comic and starts doing stand up. She still owns the dress shop, but does stand up in the evening. Don't you think the owner of a repo company can do the same thing?

        One guy wears a bluetooth headset on TV because he owns and runs a company and, all of a sudden, he is a douche? I suppose you are the guy in front of me at Starbucks who refuses to hang up from your “important” conversation about who you banged over the weekend, then get pissed that they made your latte wrong because you were too busy talking to your “friend” to give your attention to the person taking your order.

        I guess, also, you don't even own a bluetooth because you are paranoid someone will think you are a douche for wearing one. I don't care about who, when and where people wear them. What bothers me is when people use them when they don't need to. Like standing in line at Starbucks or at the movies.

        1. If you still can't see how the show is fake then I'll just be wasting my time trying to convince you. I'm not saying it's fake BECAUSE they don't use a real tow truck, that was just an observation about how lame their fake company is. If a true repo company is taking a car, it's not going to be in daylight anyways and will usually be when the person is asleep so it wouldn't matter if they had a big ass tow truck or not.

          Comics typically know they're going to be comics early on, most people don't enter a career or field of interest and then wake up one day to decide they're funny enough to become a comedian.

          I'm never that guy in front of you at Starbucks, my favorite coffee comes from the Waffle House…if you haven't tried it then do yourself a favor and get a cup of regular black coffee from there. That place enlightened me to the fact that there are two main types of coffee beans, one happens to taste much better than the other.

          Like I said before, I DO own a bluetooth but wear it either at home or in the car, those places make sense. At least you're on the same page with not liking when people wear them in unnecessary places like Starbucks or at the movies…my complaint about Lou wearing one is that he wore it in an interview during the show…completely unnecessary.

          I appreciate this most recent post from you since you didn't resort to calling me a douche for no reason and actually had some coherent thoughts in order to engage in a dialogue.

          1. PS. Lou might be the nicest guy on the planet, who knows…I'm just poking fun at him for just that, fun. I poke fun at myself all the time, nobody should take life or themselves too seriously otherwise it becomes one giant pain in the ass and then it's over.

          2. Actually ALOT of repos happen during the day its called running a POE “Place of Employment”. Or running by their house after a skip tracer knows they dont work. As far as wearing a bluetooth goes, if your just sitting in the truck and hooking up then why wouldnt you? Unless your “looking” for a car and trying not to be noticed on foot then there is no reason you wouldnt be wearing it if you use one.

            And I highly DOUBT he would be a comedian at night cause you mainly repo at night. You do repo in the day too but the night time is your prime repoing time so to give up repoing for your OWN company at night is just plain bad business. If business is that bad then you need to fold up and call it a day.

        2. Dude have you ever seen real REPO guys. For on you cant beat up anyone thats assualt… NOT TO MENTION it states at beg of the show its actors acting out real events…. It is not real … again it is not REALLLLL

        3. OR WHEN DOING TV INTERVIEWS YOU STUPID FUCKING DUMBASS. That's the whole point. I can't wait untill natural selection takes you out. You are another that needs to take Lous dick out of your mouth. The show's fake, and if you argue anything but, you should also have been aborted…..

  • The show is fake. (or scripted reality show) It says it in the 1st 5 seconds of the show on a black screen. Ever wonder why the police that are called only have a badge on their uniform and the black and white patrol cars are not marked as to what department they are from. This program shows recreations of real events that have happened to repo people. The show on NatGeo is a real reality show about people who own a repo business. Watch both you will see a big difference, and not because they are filmed on different coasts.

    1. Thank you Steven! I probably could have saved a lot of time and all this back and forth if I had simply referenced the points you just made.

    2. THANK YOU man for actually being the smartest person to post…. if these people watch the show how do they miss the start of the show were it states its fake!

    3. I have to agree with you . I am a repo agent and yes the show is fake there is no way that they would still be in business if matt keeps assaulting peaple and by assaulting i mean by law no laying a hand on another person unless you are been touched your self ( sorry for the spelling and grammer not smart just a repo man lol ) and yes the truck is real we use one in our company but it is for relocations not repos it is called a bed sling if anyone wants to argue that with me most common one is a sneaker it sits under a truck just under the bumper . and for the record this show really makes real repo agents look bad .

  • We love watching Operation Repo… it goes from being funny to being scary to unbelievable. I only looked up this site to see if Lou suffered a heart attack on the 9/21/09 show (here in Texas) and found all of these comments. That has to be the most unbelievable part of the show. First of all… if you don't like the show… DON'T WATCH IT! Second of all… you don't walk in their shoes and do their job… SO SHUT UP!
    Third of all… just because they don't “LOOK” like what YOU THINK they should look like as Repo agents… doesn't mean they are fake. They are like the majority of Americans… trying to do their job with what they have. I am sure every repo is not a major ordeal like we see on the program… but those that are… give us entertainment. As far as the blue tooth in the interview… DO YOU HAVE A LIFE? You are the part of the problem in our country… messing in everybody elses business because you obviouly don't have enough people in your own life to keep you occupied!

    1. I don't watch the show, I just make fun of it.

      Nope, I have no life, this is my life. I make fun of people that wear bluetooth earpieces in public. Isn't that pathetic? You're right, I'm a HUGE part of the problem with this country. It's not stupid people that think fake shows are real, that's no problem at all. You probably believe EVERYTHING that's told to you on television right? Just lay back and let the box tell you what to do, that way you don't have to think for yourself.

      Seriously people, it's not a bad thing to question what people tell you…especially when it's on television!!!

  • Ther are only two people in the show that are the best lou and froy everyone else thinks they are tough Matt is the worst a big jerk that pees his pants

  • this show is real.if it wasnt real it wouldnt of been on tru tv. everything on that show is real. and about the truck. the truck is better than an orddiinatow truck aand they do have a tow truck, they show it on other episodes. and havent you seen the part where the bmw gets fliped over dont tell me that wasnt real and the tow truck comes out in tht episode. so ur the moron.

    1. Your argument is that since it's on a television network named Tru TV, it must be true. How are you even smart enough to be able to afford cable?

      The car flipping? Why would they be towing a car with someone in it? They staged that, nobody was inside when it flipped.

      I'm seriously growing tired of the stupidity of the people defending this show when there's a disclaimer before and after each episode saying that they're actors and everything's a re-enactment.

      1. so you do watch it. am i right because you are arguing that no one was in the car how would you know that if you dont watch it. And everything they show in tru tv is  real because they says so and if they say something that is not true they would get sued. it common sense and how are you even smart enough to use the internet………and they dont even say its a re-enactment. and even if it is its based on events that actuallyy happened.thank you that proves my point.

        1. I don't watch it, there's this thing on the internet called YouTube that shows clips…you should check it out.

          “Everything they show in tru tv is real because they says so…” Are you serious? I'm starting to think this is someone just fucking around because I hope that there aren't people this dumb in life but that's probably hoping for too much.

          If you're going to try and argue these points then learn English, proper grammar and quit with the run-on sentences.

          I've come to the conclusion that arguing with stupid people is like masturbating with no hands…it's extremely frustrating and doesn't get you anywhere in the end.

          1. hey you fuken racist pice of shit. you better shut the fuck up and yes ive heard of youtube i have an account. but if you dont like the show then why do you fucken search it on you tube. you fucken slut. and there is people dumber than me in life and that is you. you fucken whore. and sorry for not using proper grammar i didnt know we were in school. if you want you can teach me mr. perfect. ohhh sorry i forgot to use capital letters. ohh well screw you. your just  low life that trie to correct other peoples mmistakes on a stupid ass email. guess there is nothing else for you to do. I would relly like to meet you in person and beat the living shit out of you and see if that shuts you up. you just made this personal.
            nd ur going to wish u never did that. sorry if you cant read this you might wanna proof read my essay teacher. u make me sick. i think you should think twice before you answer this email and choose your words carefully. you aint dealing with a little kid you know.

          2. Carlos Ramirez from Baldwin Park, CA (I can get more specific if you want):

            Should I go ahead and inform my lawyers that you've threatened me? Obviously I've hit a nerve which means I'm right. Notice I'm not getting all upset and resorting to violence, that's what imbeciles do. Do you know what an imbecile is? I'll give you some time to look it up. I prefer to use my words, they tend to be more powerful and have a more emotional impact as I've already proven with your retaliatory effort.

            How am I racist? I haven't mentioned anything about race here, just been talking about a dumb show that's obviously fake, that's it. If it's my reference to learning English…there are white people that don't know how to speak English, nothing to do with race.

            PS. This isn't email, these are comments on a website…I don't expect you to comprehend that though.

            Let me know if you'd like to proceed legally, you might want to tread lightly (that means be careful). Hey, if you do happen to kick my ass, could you take me to Kaiser Permanente when you're done? I see that you live close to that hospital.

          3. Who in the hell do you think you are, you boneheaded bastard? If you could spell you might be dangerous. You're all talk and you ain't beating the shit out of anybody you pussy.

            I don't give a damn whether the show is real or not. But when an garbage-mouthed idiot like you chimes in it's time for somebody to stick a cork in that piehole. Give out your address and I'll come out and do the job.

          4. ok could you at least cuss properly fuken is not a word and pice what is that… this site has spell check I mean come on.

          5. A little kid is exactly what he is dealing with. Only kind of person who would even be this foolish!

      2. James again the smartest person on here…. did you notice when the car flips the camera isnt watching it???? and how did noone call the cops … he calls his boss first. THE SHOWS FAKE WATCH THE 1st 2 seconds of the show it tells you its fake

      3. Its actually against the law to tow with someone in the car. so for them to post it on national tv is bull. Have to agree there

  • and onother thing why would they dress up all nice and fancy if they are going to get dirty. and dont tell me the guns and cops are fake

    1. Good question, why WOULD they dress up all nice and fancy (if you consider overalls with cutoff sleeves nice and fancy) when they're going out to get dirty? That goes against your previous point…it's because they're on television and it isn't a real show. If it was real they wouldn't wear “nice” clothes, they'd wear work clothes.

      PS. The guns and cops are fake. Notice the cops never have any county/city markings on them…

      1. why would they wear overalls that would make themlook lame. and what they wear looks more professional than work clothes. anything looks better than work clothes

    2. They are fake!!!!! THE whole clip on youtube about the ninja!!!! Are you for real dude…. and i saw a clip about some guy being crippled but faking it to collect disability…. allll fake

      1. Thank you smart1984! Glad I'm not the only one that is baffled at the stupidity of some of these people. It's definitely opened up my eyes to the world though…TV advertisements that seem so stupid now make sense…just appealing to the masses.

  • Omg ur seriously a douchbag! this show is real, the reason they dont have a tow truck is because they built this company from the ground up loser! havent u ever heard of that concept douchbag!

  • Sounds like you are just jealous of his success ! Im mean really , get a life ! even if it is fake who cares ! like this will be the first fake show on the air ! providing that it is I could could'nt care less .And I really dont think anyone who actually has a life does either ! IT'S ENTERTAINMENT !!!

  • I think the show is funny as hell…..who cares if it's real or fake, it's funny to watch…. I'm sure everyone can use a laugh once in awhile.

    1. You know what Lily, you've got the right idea and I'm glad you're taking the show for entertainment purposes at face value rather than getting serious about it and making threats like some of these other dumb asses.

      1. Let me get this straight, you've been investing your time for the past 4 weeks on this subject? Sweetheart, you really need to get out more. There are 24 hour Walmarts if you need to find something to do at crazy hours.

        1. I took your advice and went to a 24 hour Walmart….I'm still in here, this place is FANTASTIC!

  • They never show his wife….the big blond is his sister and the young girl Lyndah is his daughter. I actually like the show. Why don't you try it big boy…..see if you can do the same job….bet you can't.

    1. Why do you think I'm clickety clacketing away at a keyboard rather than doing physical labor?

    2. That job is easy! Hell, I turned in a horrible performance in my second grade play, so I'm certain I can act just as horribly as the buffoons on that show.

    1. LOL Everyone who believes this show to be real is ignorant. They even explain it's staged on the website, and read the wiki about the program. They're all actors. This took minimal investigating btw. Get out of your holes in the ground, people!

        1. I just got finished reading all the comments on this page and similar comments all over the net including youtube. These people that think this show is real are CRAZY! This does really show you how dumbed down and programmable theAmerican people are today. These people are what makes MK Ultra and The Tavistock Institute (look it all up) totally plausible.

          This show is outlandishly and obviously fake. You don’t have to be in the repossession business to know it is fake the first 5min into it. The bad acting and un natural awkward moments are enough to ring the bell.

          PEOPLE REPO MEN WANT TO BE STEALTHY! Repo men do not want to come looking for you to have an instigated argument and show you the repossession account info like they are serving you papers! All that is needed is to snatch the car and GO!

          Notice they just sit in front of the cars on every repo for 20min hooking it as slow as possible so the script can play out.

          And lets just say that the show was real for the sake of argument for a second… If it was real Lou would have bought a wheel lift for that truck or a totally new truck with a dynamic (or other) wheel lift instead of using that old sling system. But they won’t do that because it is too fast FOR THE SHOW. The newer wheel lifts are operated from the cab, you don’t have to get out. that is what just about every repo business uses today. But if you want to see that sling system in action there is an older guy on Youtube by the name of REPO RICH, his user name is “GOT BAD”. He uses that same exact system for his repos and he even uses a red ford F350 (single cab). Go check him out and see how that system can still get a car hooked and off the scene in well under 60seconds. He even took a car from a gas station while the guy was inside still paying for gas.

          I just recently got into the business but I have been telling people that show was fake since it came out, and to my utter amazement the MAJORITY of sheeple think its real. But then again these are the same people that think the War on terror is about 9/11.

  • I just wanted to know what “happened” to Lou, and I'm glad I found this site. I am just so flabergasted at the idiotic responses to the posts about the show being fake. My favorite response (and the only reason I'm replying) is the “It's on TruTV so it has to be real” argument. What has this world come to when support for arguments come from Wikipedia and TV? Does it hurt to be that stupid? Great site. I never really noticed that Lou is ALWAYS wearing his bluetooth, but that's because I stopped watching the show when I found out it was staged. I really liked the show before but when I found out Froy was a make-up artist (check it out on IMDB) I found it hard to believe he really got beatup by that biker gang. Then I researched and found it was staged based on true events which is understandable. I wouldn't want my repo company being showcased on TV. Anyway, I'm beating a dead horse by saying, “Oh, it's fake just look it up” but when the facts are so readily available, I don't quite understand how this claim is being defended, especially by people who cannot form decent arguments. I hope these sad viewers can eventually come to terms with the fact that it really is staged.

    1. I'm really glad you found this site too. I'm totally in the same boat as you and by my comments you can probably tell that my faith in humanity has wavered a bit. I've begun to think that most of America is stupid, which explains mass advertising commercials quite a bit. It's a bit of a double edged sword to think this way because 1. That means that I'm going to encounter many more stupid people in my life BUT 2. that means I have a huge advantage over most of the idiots that are out there.

      I guess it just depends on what circles you run in. Also depends on how open minded people are because I've become a firm believer that curiosity is at the core of genius…and the ability to listen to a well thought out opposition to one's own ideals leads to growth.

      I bet most the people that find this site through the keywords “lou pizarro” or “operation repo” probably won't even know what “awesomeness” and I are talking about.

      1. if u tink america is so stupid than what r u doing here in the first place y dont get the hell out of america and go watch some freakin shows with “awesomeness” in “god-knows-where-as-long-as-its-not-america”!!!

        1. Case in point, it's amazing how people take offense to being called stupid as an attack on America the country. Just because I think some people are stupid doesn't mean I hate the country.

        2. HAHAHA i am guessing you have never been out of “america” cause its so awesome and the rest of the world is just a s@#thole. i am guessing your a republican. There was this guy once a foriegn guy from other then america so….you know a bad stupid person and he said he could defeat anyone except ignorance. I guess you win !!!!!!. By the way, why is it when they are being chased with the guys with the guns, the car isnt there yet they stop anyways and go behind the house and tell the cameras not to go and stay on the street. but then WOW they come running out yelling “gun” and no shots fired in the middle of a nice area and like most people who are chased by guys carrying guns they dont call the police. Your an idiot HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. if you slow mo and freeze frame, you can clearly see that bike gang beat down was clearly staged…when that guy “hit” Froy his hand and arm was completely past his Froy's face before his head even moved.

  • james i am with you on how it is not real . i am a repo agent and the only truck we have like theres is a transport truck to take the cars after we already have them to the apropriate places sorry for the spelling and grammer not the brightest with spelling and such that is why i take peaples cars any one can do it lol.

    1. YES! Thank you! You know what sucks though, I bet the people who still hear it straight from you, a legitimate repo man, will be dumb enough to think that the show is still real. There's just no getting through some thick skulls I guess.

      Don't worry about the grammar & spelling, at least you can form a coherent though without resorting to the childish name calling that some of these people are forced to do.

      More power to you!

  • dumb fuck i bhave the same kinda truck he has there are trucks like that for guys like us who repo men so shut the fuck up

    1. It's his sister AND his wife, dumbass! Oh, and she's his attorney, barber and manicurist. WHO GIVES A SHIT?!?!

  • I agree with you and read through most of the comments on here. I guess it really does not amaze me that the human race in general is as dumb as they are. I learned long time ago when I used to do IT Tech Support for some of the largest companies in the World. Somedays I wondered how people made it home.

    The show is fake. As you pointed out they have to keep the peace. If an owner comes out and says drop the car they have too. It is the law in just about every single state in the country. Plus they break other laws during one show.

    Second they have to show something that explains they are a repo person. A clipboard with a dot matrix print up is not enough.

    Third they reposed a plane. There is no way they could do that. FAA would have been all over them. The way they took the plane would have gotten them grounded. Hate saying it especially in today’s age. Plus a plane is easy to repo since the finance company can revoke all licenses through FAA and ground the plane. No need for repo men to go out and get it.

    Fourth no one repo's a hot air balloon.

    Fifth it amazes me that this one company has reposed a hot air balloon, plane, lambo, wave runners, ATVs, semi truck, old ass motor home that no one would have wanted and would not still be up for repo and etc. It amazes me that they sure do seem to be repossessing stuff that most people have never seen. I highly doubt any one company has reposed all this.

    People it is fake. Yes this might have happened in the past to different repo companies but not to Lou's team. Do some research and you will see that it is all fake.

    With all that being said the show is entertaining to some extent. The show is more funny than real.

    Plus if they were repo men then why still do it? They have made enough money on other things. They have been on ReHab and World's Dumbest. Irony at its best. Plus all you got to say is Operation Repo The Movie. Hate telling all the believers out there but the show is extremely fake. Just like Wrestling.

  • Does anyone know these people for real? My neighbor was on the show. Trust me…it was real. He had NO idea they were coming to repossess his car and was very upset that he was filmed, but ultimately gave consent for the video to be used. Not staged.

    1. Yeah, Laura…me too! They came and repossessed my house just yesterday! In fact, I'm going to be on TruTV next week! Watch for me…I wave at the camera.

      Dang, though. I really liked that house two…2-story stucco with boss basement, beautiful yard and white picket fence. When they hooked it up to the tow truck, and pulled away, the picket fence broke…HA! JOKE'S ON THEM! They'll have to fix the fence!

  • HELLO,
    Anyone that has ever seen an epidode of the show should be able to tell its not real. If you read the fucking paragraph at the beginning of the show it states that its based on situations that have happened and that names and people have been changed. Come on are that stupid?

  • thats not a makeshift tow there are many diff tow bars some hidden under the truck I should know i repo and this stuff really happens you wouldnt last a day out there

  • Repo trucks do look like that and do not have names on the side. It is to draw less attention to them on the way to get the vehicle they have papers on. There are also repo trucks that have an assembly that comes out from underneath the back end, there is a second set of controls in the cab-they don't even have to get out. I saw that one in action before-it wasn't on my vehicle. So they are using actual equipment.

    1. They are all a bunch of spics and a bald douche bag that I would kick the shit out of if i ever saw him.

      1. the funniest shit in the world is there is a bunch of dumbasses with nothing better to do but try to decide what is real and what is fake on TV. Hmmmm… too much time maybe you all could GET A JOB and maybe you would get a reality show!

      2. So Im guessing a “spic” banged MEEZIE'S WIFE, SISTER, OR MOST LIKLEY HIS FAT ASS MOOTHER!!!!

  • Lou is the man, that show is very entertaining I am actually watching it as I write this. Yeah a lot of stuff is staged but what show on TV isn't? Its all about the entertainment value, and this show delivers. As far as his equipment is concerned I am sure he can buy top of the line stuff, just from the revenue from the show.

    I really enjoy the show for its entertainment value, just my 2 cents! Operation Repo rocks!

  • Fake or not, you get that beast of a bitch wanting my car, I'm givin' it up with the quickness!

  • Im mainly here to defend the truck lol. thats not a makeshift tow truck. That is in fact a real Tow Truck. Its just another version of a tow truck. Just like a flat bed. Its a regular truck with a tow truck conversion. Just like a ford Ambulance. Granted the show is fake.
    Im not trying to defend the show, or the cast…im just saying that even tho the show is fake, the truck is real. Ive seen a couple trucks around my city with the same setup. Hell even the shop i work for has serviced one before.

    But seriously…are people defending the show with the line “if its on tru tv its real?”
    Thats just SAD!!!

  • Not to mention all the laws their broke, I watched the show a few times in past and have always notice that these bums have “Breach The Peace” so many times I lost count. The show sucks as well as the crew would like to see it “Like A Repo.”

  • The show sucks as well as the cast. If they did that act in NYC they face charges of breaching the peace, it's show's and people like Lou that give Repo Agents a bad rap. Only in LA can you pull this crap off…Cities like NYC, Chicago, Miami to mention a few would have no part in this game…

    1. Midniterun, when you say “..Cities like NYC, Chicago, Miami to mention a few would have no part in this game…” I presume you're talking about the incredibly bad acting, laughable made up stories, lousy props, and terrible production? I only thought that kind of crap was allowed in C rated porno films.

    2. When would they have the time anyway? They are too busy prosecuting govenors, buying senate seats, and rigging elections.

  • This show is by far one of the most disturbing, disgusting and frustrating reality shows I have ever watched. If you don't die from a heart attack at the sight of the characters, you will reach the conclusion that this show simply exists because of the shock factor. No one has the right to intimidate, threaten, humiliate and physically assault a vehicle owner in front of a camera, and have the police just standing by as if nothing was happening. The repo freaks break every law there is, and cash in greatly. Please tell me that this is not possible in our country!

  • It is one of the worst shows on Television. I am a huge TruTV fan (and have been for a few years now). I never saw even part of an episode until tonite. To call it All Star Rassling of reality TV is a huge insult to the Rasslers. It is the worst acting, the worst characters and the worst storylines imaginable.

    I am greatly disappointed in TruTV for this ridiculously bad show.

    Anyone who believes it's 'real' can't have advanced past 2nd grade…anyone who watches this show has waaaaaay too much time on their hands.

  • i am starting to believe this show is fake, simply because of the fights. matt birch is a big guy, but he has been put down way too many times with one punch. In the episode when the guys beat him up outside the pool hall, hey says he gets hit with the bottle and it completely missed him and he collapses with one hit in the back with the cue stick. the episode they go to repo the camaro at the soccer field he gets dropped from the guy steppin on the back of his leg and he sits there holding his knee when he never hit his knee. The episode that lou has a heart attack, what are these constructuion workers even doing with a back hoe anyway, i didnt see and work happening. that stupid midget the have on there, no business would do that, he is aliability for insurance. Just like that rick guy they had on there, no way would the have hired him or let him havg around that long. i still watch it but it is getting ridiculous.


  • Yep, it's fake. Look at Wiki and if you need further proof, replay “fight” scenes from various episodes on your dvr or Tevo. The “fights” are staged and the actors slip punches and “half wrestle” each other. It's not a program that one should go to for enlightenment, but it's a nice and comedic diversion if there's nothing else on television.
    The American version is based on the same program that airs on Telemundo in Mexico. I think the cast were repo personnel at one time, and they use their experiences to plot the show.

  • “Operation Repo is a REALITY SHOW about a re-possessor who takes control of your stuff if you miss your payments. The show makes a debut tonight and you have to agree, its like watching a train wreck. You are totally mesmerized and there is something about watching people go crazy when re-possessors come to take tow their belongings.”

    I realize it's a reality show but it's funny to watch anyway, If it's not happening to me…it's funny:-) By-the-way I own my stuff outright…never do the payment thing…too much hassel.:-)

  • “Operation Repo is a REALITY SHOW about a re-possessor who takes control of your stuff if you miss your payments. The show makes a debut tonight and you have to agree, its like watching a train wreck. You are totally mesmerized and there is something about watching people go crazy when re-possessors come to take tow their belongings.”

    I realize it's a reality show but it's funny to watch anyway, If it's not happening to me…it's funny:-) By-the-way I own my stuff outright…never do the payment thing…too much hassel.:-)

  • the fat lady makes me puke looking at her not only fat but ugly dried up old fat scary looking hag
    fat ass blur tooth guy prob cant find wiener needs a stomach staple

  • Of course it’s fake as what they do on the show would put them behind bars for a long time or shot. You can’t go and start fights with people during repossession. You have every right to protect yourself and that’s about it. I know if I had some loser covered in tattoos trying to say he is taking my car because he is a repo man and he started getting hostel toward me then I would put a 45 hollow point right thru his head and I would win as I know the laws and they obviously don’t. All these people are is gangsters nothing more and real repo workers can’t do what they do. A lot of times if there is chance of violence then the local police get called just before the repo so there IS an officer on the scene.

  • Hi Lou,
    Only have one question to ask you,
    why is it after you take a car, truck or even a motorcycle, you laugh?
    The tall bald headed guy he laughs, its not funny.
    I'm not watching your show anymore.
    You hurt to many people and you dont care.

    1. Patricia,

      Thank you for commenting. I don't usually laugh after a repossession. That will just make the owner more upset. When you see the show, you might see Matt do it once in a while. I apologize for his behavior on behalf of the EGA crew. I don't think laughing about the situation is appropriate in any way, shape, or form.

      We only use force against people if they attempt to harm us. Taking their car away is not in any way us trying to hurt them. It's a job, like any other.

      Thanks for your comments. I will try to respond to more as time opens up.

      And remember, it ain't no joke if you don't pay that note!

      Have a good one and God bless,


  • I'm just another guy who's calling this show fake – besides the disclaimer (you have to be able to read) just look at how most of the dead beats come out of the house. They don't ask questions – they don't get worked up over time – they just come out in fighting mode. If it were real there would be some variety in reactions to having their vehicles reposessed – instead of the 0-60 response all of them have.

    1. Ok… Matt, Sonia, tow truck, your car. Tell me this, you don't know they're Repossessers. Yuo're imediate reaction is to stop them. For all you know, they could be stealing your car! Until they understand what the Repo men tell them, they have no idea.

      When you see someone trying to tow your car, ask your questions and see how that works out for ya, pal. Haha… you guys make me smile. 🙂

      Glad I could be of your assistance, Bill. 🙂

  • if you READ THE WORDS BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS ON THE SCREEN it will tell you it is based on tru events and that means its not real so AWSOMENESS just get over it.

    1. are u real repossesors atleast? i just wish matt was a better actor. im sick of the falling to the ground from being kick in the shin. i wish he would get in a real fight with someone knows how to fight. he has the weakest body triangle i have ever seen. maybe some one should just turn in his guard and drop some bombs on his face, that would be some good writing. keep up the slightly funny work

  • im with you all the way lou, i cant believe there are people out there that actullay like watching that crap. it just pisses me off because its on a network called TruTV, which now makes me think twice about everything else they show and how “tru” it is. id really like to watch an actual “repo” program. ive seen better high school acting than the tards in this show although ive only actually watched it maybe 3 episodes before i thought about jabbing pencils in my eyes before sitting through another 1/2 hour of watching that female that looks like a coked out mimi again or that cue ball “tough guy”, he'd shit his pants in a real life confrontation.

  • im with you all the way lou, i cant believe there are people out there that actullay like watching that crap. it just pisses me off because its on a network called TruTV, which now makes me think twice about everything else they show and how “tru” it is. id really like to watch an actual “repo” program. ive seen better high school acting than the tards in this show although ive only actually watched it maybe 3 episodes before i thought about jabbing pencils in my eyes before sitting through another 1/2 hour of watching that female that looks like a coked out mimi again or that cue ball “tough guy”, he'd shit his pants in a real life confrontation.

  • these people are some real losers in life. their show is 100% fake. i.e. its illegal to go on private property like a home or buisness, to repo anything. also they all need to take a break from taco bell, they can barley fit in their truck.

    1. So you can call the police EVERY time the gas man, meter reader, or mail carrier visits. This guy is SO right guys!

      Haha, no. I am afraid not folks. 🙂

    2. ok markus get your facts straight
      1. you cant say its 100% fake you have no proof to back that up i believe it is fake however that is all i can say
      2. have you ever repossessed anything obiously not yes you can go to a private home or buisness as far as the home law states that you cannot go passed a gate if it is locked however (loop hole) if its chained with a lock but not actually locked and you can open it you can go in there to get the vehicle
      same thing with a buisness

  • I agree that this show is a freakin hoax….but working with a friend of mine a couple times who is a repo man…that truck is not a 'make shift' tow truck….it looks more inconspicuous and less likely for someone to see you jacking their car….there's also a neat one called a 'sneeker' I do believe…that comes out from the bottom of the truck…it comes out, lifts the car and lets you get outta there in under a min if I remember correctly….kinda bad ass if you're a repo man…. 🙂

  • Thank you. thank you, thank you. This show falls under the same scripted “CRAP TV” category as Jerry Springer. Hard Ass Douche bags repo vehicles where every job results into a confrontation with some deranged idiot. Please, ENOUGH ALREADY!!! The worst part about the show is it shows some over-weight pile of shit taking someone's vehicle and then if that isn't enough, instigating trouble with the owner, like getting the car repo'ed wasn't bad enough (if this was true but it's not). THe faggots out in Hollywood are to busy blowing each other to come up with anything creative so you get crap like this. What next? “Operation Foreclosure”? Maybe we can watch Porky and his posse kick a single mother with her three kids out into the street. Television is getting pathetic. However I would pay to see Angelina Jolle whip Paris Hilton's ass on TV. Over and out.

    1. So it's not real because you've never seen it in person? Haha… let's be honest, guy. I don't know you're religious beliefs, and frankly, I could care less. I'm just using an example. If you're a Christian, you believe in God, right? Now tell me this, how many Christians that believe in Him have seen God face to face?

      … (Awkward silence from MartyMarty) …

      Haha, think about it, bro. Glad to help. 🙂

  • I'm a real repo man. REAL repo men are not allowed to lay a finger on ANYONE, nor can they randomly spray people with pepper spray, or even act confrontational AT ALL. That means if ANYTHING happens that disturbs the peace, the job is done, and I have to leave. I can come back with a Sheriff, but by then, the car is usually gone. Repossessing is serious business. This show makes anyone in the business look like a clown. Also, the hidden wrecker unit is real. You can't drive around a tow truck in a neighborhood without getting noticed. If you pull up to someone's car with a regular pick-up truck, they don't even realize you are hooking up. Lots of people are completely unrealistic in their comments, and maybe that's just a sign that they haven't had to encounter a repo man. For everyone else who has had something repo'd, you either never saw the repo man, or you know they may act rude, but never aggressive. peace (and pay your bills)

    1. Hahahaha… Oh, “towguy”,

      It's a little something called self-defense. Heard of it? However, you are somewhat right. The EGA Recovery team is not allowed to lay hands on the owner(s) of the vehicle. But, like anyone here in LA, if hands are laid on you, or any type of weapon is used, you ARE allowed to use self-defense. (Like they are doing, right?) Believe me, I am retired from the LAPD force. 🙂

      1. Everyone on that that show is a BITCH! Self defencemy ass! They are constantly the ones to start the fake drama. I would love to lay a weapon on #$%^& Stop saying your retired LAPB..You liable to get some serious charges

        1. That's LAPD. And, no I don't believe you can be charged for making a statement about something…


      2. Mr Collinsworth, please be advised that I have looked into your claim of being retired from the LAPD. You and I both know the truth and the reality of your situation. If you retract your previous statements, I won't continue with a course of action that will result in your becoming EXTREMELY aquainted with the LAPD….The choice is yours.

  • I think your show is a joke. The fat blonde is a joke from hell. I am not a big person but she would put her hands on me one time and that would be a mistake. The gentle men with no hair he is funny. He acts like he is tough but he is not. I am not a nice female but what they do is a lot of bull shit. The guy I would bring him to his knee's. You all need to grow up and face the real world.

  • i am a repo man in pa and this show pisses me off!!!! i dont know about all the other repo men out there but i never have a confrontation every damn repo. haha bluetooth douchebag is a joke along with his little monkey matt and froy along with his fat ass women. its a shame these idiots make money pretending.

    1. Dude, they're actors. The show is just for entertainment. You getting angry at it is like a cop getting angry after having seen die hard, where all the cops look as retards and the “vigilante” (Bruce Willis) is the hero. You take yourself too seriously.

  • this is for seb146……if you seriously believe in this show you are a fucking idiot or as lou would say “you stupid idiot” but if you get that bored i guess its a good comedy show if you like overactors. everything about this show is fake….and their truck, seriously i run fords to but a sling f250 is okay if you repo hondas all day.

    1. I'm glad that real repo men like yourself are coming forward and helping inform these idiots that the show is fake. I don't care if it's fake for the sake of “entertainment” purposes…if you can call it entertainment. What I care about is the fact that real re-possessors like yourself are probably being put in danger since anyone watching this show thinks there's a chance they'll be attacked if anyone tries to repossess their automobile. Ignorance is dangerous.

      1. Then what is your answer to the people that say they have been repo'd by E.G.A recovery team ???

  • wow…..maybe i should have read all these posts before i even commented!!!!! im gonna have to side with jamesmastercraft, everyone else who thinks this show is actually real is a window licker!!! hahahaha this is a good show for the whole trailer park community to enjoy! its more fake than the wwf or wcw or whatever its called now (trailer park wrestling). For all of those that believe this show is real then in what aspect do you believe this? show me why you think its real. its funny because before this show 85% of america didnt know what a repo is so ofcourse this show comes out and you would believe it. well trust me it isnt even close.

    1. Josh,
      Just let me tell you this. You, like all the others, don't think it's real simply because you have not seen it in person. Trust me, it's real. And yes, it is very close haha.

      1. derek you are a fucking retard…..im guessing you live in a trailer park like all these other retards that think this show is real….and yeah i do see it first hand, i am a liscensed reposessor so im pretty sure i can tell when its real or fake. im just curious how you know its real.

        1. Retired LAPD, thank you. I dealt with a lot of repossessions and have seen what it's like first hand as well. The repo's in our area are different. We have a very high rate of automobile theft here. That's why, on the show, most people overreact because they think they're car is being stolen. Trust me, it gets pretty bad out here. You deal with more of this being a repo man out here. In fact, only 85% of repos out here result in an argument. Think about it, they don't keep EVERY repo. Only the ones that are interesting. Too many people overlook that detail.

          By the way, my brother's truck was repo'd by the EGA Recovery team a few months ago. I was there, and yes, they are real. Haha, it can't get much more real than that, my friend. 🙂

          And I would say Blossom Valley is about as far from a trailer park as it gets. Haha. 🙂

          1. Your so full of shit buddy! Retired LAPD and your bro 's vehicleis repoed, whatever liar..or is he just as big as a loser as you!!!!??????

          2. The fact is that it's true. I find it hilarious that you guys are all upset over this, though. Quite entertaining. 🙂

          3. Hey Derek, They maybe a real recovery outfit, but the show is scripted. They even run the disclaimer in the beginning, that the show is based on “Real Events”. Some of the people that they use as the car owners were also casted in another show that was quite entertaining called: “Punk'd”. I'm a casting agent in the hills and I can tell you that the show is very well scripted, and they use extra's. However, it can be entertaining at times, just like Jerry Springer!

          4. Derek, exactly right you are! I'm a current Law Enforcement Officer in Florida, and any officer here will tell you almost all repo's are between about 2 am to 5 am, as that's the period of REM (Deep) sleep. Only an idiot repo's in broad daylight with people around who can call the subject of the repo.
            Seen any “Operation Repo” at night?

          5. hahahaha what a terd…. its based on real events portrait by actors that cant get real acting jobs douchbag… matt has his own acting website… if you really are retired LAPD my respect level just dropped beyond low…. may God help all those out there your donut eating, plastc gun toting excuse for a police officer should have been protecting… bahahahahahahaha

          6. derek,
            you are seriously an idiot!!!! retired lapd, you are a joke…im glad towguy can shed some more light on how fake the show is….the reason everyone gets so defensive now is because they watch this stupid show and think that some big bald bitch is gonna attack them or someone is gonna pepper spray them. there is really no more to say about this show. but if you idiots wanna keep running your mouths on how real it is ill stay to make fun of you.

          7. Hey stupid!!!! It's faker than pam anderson's tits….I know because in the pilot episode in spanish…i'm in a 2 sec clip when lou talks about violent encounters…(I'm the fat ass holding the crowbar..and you hear me say”what's up?”) and if you truly are lapd retired or retarded!! you're proof all cops have no brains!!! i do P/T work with a repossesor and the show is an overdramatic exasperation of a real boring job…..untill you find a car.

          8. if derek were an lapd you would know this shit repo is fake. Yes repos are real you idiot but not this show dumb ass wantabee cop. Hay Josh this is probably matt we are speaking too cause i'm sure they are on here acting like they are someone else to make believers out of someone. lapd my ass!!! they can't even act in word om lione. unbelievable!!!

          9. Thank you Derek Collinsworth! I always believed it was real! and if it's not, it makes good tv. Josh you are a potty mouth! Chill out and relax!

          10. Wait a minute, so in this heap of comments that clearly prove the show is fake, you pick the one that says it's real just because that's in line with what you already believe? Well, you also state you think it's good TV so I'm not exactly sure how great your methods of reasoning are. Oh well, if you like the show then keep watching…if it's entertaining to you then what's the difference if it's real or not (which it's not).

          11. Ever notice that anytime someone is holding a bottle, the label is ALWAYS in their hand and not facing the camera? Some of their repos are probably real, but most are staged. Fake glass breaking over their heads, overdone make up on the subjects, on and on……

          12. if you were an lapd you would know this shit repo is fake. Yes repos are real you idiot but not this show dumb ass wantabee cop. Hay Josh this is probably matt we are speaking too cause i'm sure they are on here acting like they are someone else to make believers out of someone. lapd my ass!!! they can't even act in word om lione. unbelievable!!!

      2. your so full of @#$%^& get off the ” I'm hell bent to make people beleive it's real” trip! Just because you are ignorant doesn't mean we are..you are asking for a following of fools.

        1. It's hilarious how you can't believe something is real just because you have not seen it in person.. God must be fake too. I mean he has to be, right? You've never seen him..



    2. Froylan Tercero was a make-up artist on the movie Ali. He also has some minor roles in other films as an actor. check out the full cast list of Operation Repo on IMDb and you'll see who played some of the debtors. They even have a stunt coordinator for their phony fights.

  • Great insight on human denial and the economy affecting their lives of creature comforts and necessities. Good show, Thanks for letting us in on whats really going on.This is a brave repo company to put themselves out there in such violence. Love the characters, all of them, good TV!
    I feel for these people and their situations but just hand over the keys, no free ride in society!

    1. the only thing you have right is that the cast are “characters” wake up, nobody can really be that stupid to beleive that garbage!

    2. Love pre recording these shows, glad I don't live in LA.
      Makes me realize what a happy great life I have, free from hatred , Maybe some viewers should start eating healthy food instead of rattle snakes for breakfast, they might have a more cheerful disposition and find something pleasant to focus on instead of sitting by the computer endlessly waiting for another blog to comment on. Hey try a fresh air walk! You may like yourself a little tiny baby bit.


    Believe it or not, this show is real. My brother's truck was repo'd a few months back by the EGA Recovery team here in LA. So you're wondering why all the fighting and violence is going on. It's just a repo, right? But you're not thinking… Anybody has the ability to install a boom, flashing lights, and to create a “Repo Order” document. So nobody really knows if these guys are real, right? Come on, would you believe it? People would go out of there way to steal cars. But these guys ARE real. I repeat, these guys ARE in fact real. After the repo, brother was able to pay off the truck the same day and get it back by EGA recovery. Lou was really cool about the situation and gave us no problems.

    1. Your sooooooooooooo pathetically stupid! This ridiculous show wont last another season, damn hillbillies….hahahahha

      1. I have to agree with derek. they repod my neighbors corolla cause she was 4 payments behind. the camera crew was there but i'm not sure if it made it on t.v. or not. it wasnt that bad. she was just an old lady and knew she was behind anyways.

        1. well if they did repo your neighbors car let me ask you did they ask for her permission to record with their cameras cuz if not thats against the law and she could sew them and she would get her car back in an instant

    2. Derek shut your god damn mouth. I have read every post from you in this forum and you sound like a punk ass bitch who IS NOT retired LAPD… You have said it so many times that its so obvious you are not. Go fuck yourself… the show is FAKE….

  • Operation Repo is incredible blatantly FAKE! I am shocked and appalled that there a are fools out there that actually believe this garbage! Worst of all is that the trailer trash cast seems to have an endless slew of judgmental crap to say about to say about EVERYONE ELSE. This is CRAZY that they put that nasty foul fat chick on the show let alone everyone else!

    1. Yeah, and all the other shows on TRUtv are fake as well I assume?


  • LOL…….Anyone who really truthfully believes in this show is as F'n STUPID!!!!!!!!! And/Or part of the B.S. Idiots….just because you have the mentalities of a fourth grader doesn't mean the rest of us do fool!

    1. You're right. This show isn't real. Just like the sun isn't bright and the moon isn't white.

      1. LOL derek…… hehe well i wasnt to smart when i didnt make my payment. i talked to sonia and she was able to get my baby back safe and sound. it was great!!! i only wish i could've got froy's # LOL 🙂

        1. I was being sarcastic. They ARE real… try reading all of the comment first.

    1. well you guys that “had your car repoed by them” might want to do some research cuz my friend did his reseach cuz his car was repoed before i even heard of them and found out that all their licenses were expired now thats not to say that they didnt renew them by now but i would do som research with the BBB

  • this show is bad acting at its finest. its like they found the biggest douchebags on the planet, gave them a 10 minute acting course, and put them on tv. that show is garbage.

    1. “that show is garbage.”

      Haha, I absolutely GUARANTEE you will watch it again.

  • Dude they came to my house and took my Yamaha Grizzly 350 4-wheeler. At first I thought it was a joke so I was gettin ready to beat someones ass, haha. But then I saw Matt and I totally backed off. Lou's daughter, I don't know her name, explained to me what tha deal was. Apparently my stupid brother didnt pay it off. i knew we shouldnt have shared the damn thing haha. oh well…..

  • for all the douchebags saying its not real.. haha wait till they repo your ass ya dumbfucks

    E.G.A. Recovery, Inc.
    416 Glenoak St.
    San Fernando, CA 91340

    1. Funny…………………Google maps can't find that address. Can't seem to find that phone listing anywhere either. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  • I find it funny that most of the people saying this show is “fake” will still end up watching it.

    By the way, it's real.

    1. I hear ya.. This show is recorded during the live happening of the events. People don't believe it can get that crazy, trust me it can.. and it DOES. I wish I could say it doesn't happen that way here in Cali, but it does 99% of the time. People are just shocked by these real life events and they have it in their head that it can be possible.

      We live in a crazy world, people. Start believing these kind of things happen. It's not some fantasy world out there. I actually worry about the ones saying it's not real.

      Welcome to the real world, people. Welcome to the real world.

  • This show is on TRU TV that means it's real right? Shame on you TRU TV for putting this shit on tv. I used to watch this channel until they ran this show, What a joke. And don't think it's a good thing because people are talking about it because you are losing trust with all your viewers (the smart ones anyway). Lose the name “TRU TV” you don't deserve it. Jeff

  • Here's the deal – on this show if the perps but on a really good show, scream , grab , play slap that candy ass Matt , spit on dat blob woman with the piercings ,

    They get there car notes caught up by the producers the next day – I interned as a camera jockey & even though I signed an agreement thought I would share the obvious also Lou's daughter has round heels & Matty Boy takes it in the A**

  • Matt is an overbearing asshole who deserves to get his ass kicked. If he ever comes near me or my family, I will use any force necessary to protect my family.

    1. above and beyond everything! ..I would think that just the bad acting alone would give it away

  • This show is fake, fake and even more fake. The acting is even worse. Any assclown who believes this is real tv needs a kick in the mullet. Read the disclaimer (if you can read) and do a quick little internet search and voila you have an answer. This cast of losers on this show wouldn't make it in the REAL world of repossesion. They would be killed in no time. A real repo agent knows how to handle the business and wouldn't dream of trying any of the stunts these taco bell eating douchebags try on this FAKE show.

    1. Yes. Let's keep the real repo men coming forward like this so eventually everyone realizes the show is fake. It's weird how this even sparks so much discussion! It's BLATANT!

  • This is real. I should know . My brothers truck got repoed in London Ont. Canada. He tried to hide the truck,but it got taken from the repo man two months from not paying the insurance. It's real guys. Don't fire Matt.

    1. So the show is based in LA, but his truck got repoed in Canada?

      Also, your vehicle doesn't get repoed for not paying insurance, it gets repoed for not paying the note.

  • not only is the show faked, its a spooky harbinger of things to come… just the fact that they make these 'repos' appear so violent, and the 'victims' have so little recourse against obviously illegal tactics, means that one day, they'll show up at your door, and you'll ask for an autograph before they take your stuff. Evil.
    and, that fat chick is just freakish.

  • The show is fake. Matt is a punk who only gets aggressive with girls or skinny guys he knows he can whip. He doesnt get aggressive with anyone who looks tough, unless the police are there. The one “girl” if you can call that hog a girl is really pathetic.

  • 1. They tell you the events are PORTRAYED in the beginning of the show.
    2. They never showed his wife, that's his sister.
    3. If you're stupid enough to think ANY show is an actual reality show, you're the douchebag.

    Don't be a hater because Lou and his crew are making money and you're not.
    If you don't like the show…..DON'T WATCH IT ASSHOLE!

    1. Real or fake, who gives a shit?! If people don't like it, don't watch it! If you do like it, continue to watch it. And Brian, GET A LIFE!!!

      1. I don't watch it, I've seen clips like I said…that was enough for me. And seriously, “Get a life” is your statement? I stopped saying that in 6th grade, you can do better than that. Seriously, do better than that, open up a dialogue and make some good points. There's nothing wrong with two people from opposing opinions sharing their ideas, that's how innovation occurs.

  • This show is such a piece of crap and what is up with that “Village People” wanna be Matt? This guy just tries to provoke crap. He is so far from professional. On one of the shows he says its all an act to intimidate people and goes on to say none of the people are a threat to him. Then why intimidate them. Just do your job and walk a way. I can't wait until someone cracks him in the head with a real tire iron.

  • It ain't no joke if you don't pay dat note- weak ass shit going on here. Fast Food addicts – that fat pig & here fat azz bro need an oversize suspension to haul their fat asses down the road – don't they see how disgusting they look on the tube? advice – portion size & work them fat asses out once in a while

    and that fake tough guy Matt – all mouth, he wouldn't know how to defend a 3 punch combo & any small guy with quick skilled feet would kick the shit out of his roided up ass – Froy as a ladies man – ha ha this dude has to pay for any ass he gets

    Lou should take the crew & get on that show – Biggest Fat Ass Losers

    Word up – if they ever pulled their shit on me – yeah I'm going to jail, but they be going to the hospital & any in shape woman would kick the living shit outta that fat azz freak pin cushion

  • Opinions cause arguments, facts can't be argued with. Any of you who are wasting your time arguing as to whether the show is fake or not are a joke. Who the fuck cares? Is every show on TV real? NO. So who cares. If you are intelligent enough to know what's real and what isn't than that should be good enough for you. It's supposed to be for entertainment. Why would you feel so compelled to argue with people you don't know about a show that could or could not be fake? WHO CARES YOU DUMMIES.

  • 1) Look at his wife? Sonya is NOT his wife, that is his sister. Maybe you should get the facts straight before you start blasting someone because you have such low self esteem and need to talk about people to make yourself feel better. 2) His “pathetic” tow truck? I like his tow truck. You're not making your payments, so you're out there watching for a normal tow truck. Then one day you walk outside like nothing is going on and BAM!! Lou is there with his “pathetic” tow truck, backed up to your junker because you're not taking care of business. Maybe you have such a problem with Lou because, you are one of those peopel that just refuse to take care of business! Hope you have a great day! :)………….Go Lou!

  • It pisses me off also Josh…. This fu ing guy and his crew are a joke I did a couple of cars for this asshole years ago,(His company Access Adjusters out of Granada Hills) when he first started and I thought he was a dick then but to top it off this guy stole one of the repo trucks my boss was leasing from another repo company took the boom out of it and set it on fire somewhere in Los Angeles ….Thats how this guy got his start….It's a wonder how he's made it this long without ending up in prison or dead for some of the stupid shit he and his crew does….I been wanting to bitch for years about this ….so now I'm happy….

  • Funny how no one has brought up the Vagos MC, and the association with the Operation Repo crew

  • i agree these fake scenes with a bald dumbass a fat chick and acouple camera guys are scripted and if you believe its true ive got some beach front property in wy for sale. its stupid in all aspects

    1. I agree, This show has got to go, it's actually sad to see that a tv station gets so desperate that they start making this shit up, All these loud mouths on tv, with no acting skills, all I keep hearing from them is all about respect, hey how about you respect us as the public and cancel this crap, I would like to meet those two so called ladies to see just how tough they really are but I guess they just read what is in the script BAD PERFORMANCE, Show Sucks.. I call for Cancellation..

  • this show is so fake and pathetic, i've seen 5th graders act better than this moronic crap, you people are one big laughing stalk, all a bunch of over weight idiots, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

  • Although the term “reality” is somewhat of a misnomer when referring to “Operation Repo”, the show is nonetheless, entertaining.
    Have you ever watched the “propoganda” newscast throughout the western world?
    This, my friends, is supposed to be reality however, it is simply an extension of what the idiots of society believe. After all, the news IS extremely entertaining (remember “baloon boy?” Sheesh!)
    So don't believe what you hear and see on your local, national and international news because it is the same “bullshit” with an element of (supposed) trust…
    Buyer (viewer) beware!

    1. Jesus H Mr. Moss! Finally, someone with some intellect has commented. You're so right in that everything on television should be taken with a grain of salt. News that isn't sensational or skewed towards the exciting (typically focusing on negative aspects of life like death) isn't around anymore…if it even ever existed. Any programming on TV is subject to the ability to draw in advertisers so as long as people are watching it doesn't really matter whether there's truth to what's being shown.

      The issue I have is that Operation Repo is putting actual re-possessors in danger if people actually believe they're going to get tackled while talking to a repo man. Also, the people on here that are so adamant about defending how “real” the show is just scares the shit out of me.

      1. Sanity confirmed! Thanks Brian…
        I was beginning to seriously doubt the well being of my own mental state however, it's reassuring to know I'm not alone with my sane thoughts (Ha!).
        Take care…

      2. I just can not let this one go…
        Your comment that “news” is sensationalized (skewed) toward “death” and the excitement of possible violence (death?) confirms the degradation of societies morals.
        Recently, “Haiti” was hit by an earthquake that has devastated the region and taken many lives.
        Understand that I am in no way “condoning” what may be intentionally misconstrued as a callous comment towards the devastating events in “Haiti” but 3 days ago (+/-), “Iran” experienced a 5.0 magnitude earthquake.
        This “Iran” quake was NOT a simple earth shaking event by any means however, nothing was broadcast in the news.
        The next day, “Guatemala” experienced a 6.0 magnitude quake and guess what? Nothing in the news.
        I have no doubt that most people do not know about these quakes and why? Because there was (and I'm assuming…) no death and destruction involved in these events.
        Your comment hit a little too close to my intense disgust with both society (idiots) and the (apparent) trusted media WHO, as you mentioned, sensationalize whatever is necessary to boost their ratings.
        Ok! Now I can relax…

      3. Hoe-ray “Crap…”
        I decided to check a few of your previous reply/comments and I swear (not really) that I was reading my “own” opinions however, as a class of '78 graduate (Canada), I have 10(+) years more experience in the art of “idiot” prevention (Ha!).
        In other words, I've learned to NOT try and explain “logic”, “intelligence”, “rebuttal”, “sanity” (et al.) when dealing with those of a smaller brain mass.
        Sad thing is…, I often wish my thinking life were more simplistic…
        A.Edward Moss

        1. Ha! Glad you can see the sort of uphill battle I got myself into…although I pulled out faster than a (insert your own pun here) once I realized it was a futile effort.

          As I'm sure you're well aware, this can all be summed up in three simple words. “Ignorance is bliss”

          1. Say what?
            It appears that you (Brian) are the main dude of this “Operation Repo” web site.
            By-the-by (…that sells the boat, by-the-by that sails 'er), what the heck is “BluetoothDouchebag.com?”

            Nonetheless, it has been nice chattin' with ya. Keep up the great work!
            A.Edward Moss

          2. I know! I KNOW…!
            It should be: “I's the b'y that builds the boat. I's the b'y that sails 'er.”
            Sheesh! know
            What do you expect from a Canuck? Ha!

  • Mat is the weakest link out of the gang and then Lou's weak a** daughter. I love the show where the old man hit Mat in the face. More people should PUNCH Mat SOFT A** in the face. Lou is a softy too. And do something with that FAT DIRTY LOOKING SISTER OF YOURS. She make me sick,, I wish my car wasn't paid for just so I could miss a payment. So Lou's daughter and Mat could come and try to repo my car. Cause I'm a “BAD GIRL THAT GOT HANDS” AND I GOT A MAN THAT WILL SHOW MAT FIRST WHO'S BAD. OH AND I'LL TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOUR SISTER BY MYSELF. WE CAN GET IN A BOXING RING AND RUN IT, MAT AND MY MAN, ME AND YOUR DAUGHTER. NOW REPO THAT B*T*HES.LOL

  • What a group of jerkoffs…this show has got to be an embarrassment to real repossessors. Sonia is a tatted up beast, Matt an arrogant blowhard, Lynda an airhead brat, Lou…can't believe he even owns a business. Just an amazing bunch of unprofessional hacks that are getting camara time.

  • Im watching this show right now. The only people who seem professional are the daughter and the younger guy. Sonia, Matt & Lou are fake. I wish they would host this show in MIAMI FL. They would get a rude awakening!!!! This show is fake, repo people cannot place there hands on you or disturb the peace. I wish MATT would come to MIAMI and attempt to act how he act on the show…His ass wouldnt stand a minute, niggas would lay his ass OUT. ANd SONIA she REAL MESSY, OMG…SMH. I know a few people that would love fore her to knock on there door.THey would knock her ass SKINNY, and lou, I can only SMH. Basically this show wouldn't last 30 min in MIAMI, they act tough on T.V but reality is There WEAK and full of SHIT!!!

    1. pretty sure the show would do just fine in miami because the “niggas” are actors…you know… on a show….thats fake……nigga…….

  • I have watched the show myself a few times, i have to say, a show is a show, thats the bottom line. Though i dont understand why ppl need to post unappropriate comments bashing Lou's familly, very uncalled for. Fake or real, they make a great team.


    1. Then you are delusional!!! Unappropriate???? Did you mean inappropriate? Learn how to spell first and then maybe we'll listen to your comments…

  • Those in society, whom are considered “repossesses” (of ANYTHING), are intelligent and logical thinking individuals that perform a duty as outlined in the legal aspects of their job description.
    These “men” and, to a lesser degree (without disrespect to our fair and gentle sex) “women” know their duties. They are trained (key word “trained…”) professionals.
    That said, repo men and women know the facts and have no need for ignorant opinions from stupid, uninformed individuals.
    Of course if you're like me and don't have a life then by all means, you “go girl” and waste your time in a futile rebuttal however, sometimes it's worth working the neurons in an attempt to stimulate a reason to exist.
    'nough said!
    A.Edward Moss

  • Never mind i have realized I was wrong.
    I am a complete idiot for my wrong opinions.
    I give my most sincerest of apologies.
    A.Edward Moss

    1. Ok!
      As mentioned, I “don't have a life so…”, whomever used my name, I agree.
      A.Edward Moss

  • I think Matt is fucking ugly as shit and he is a big baby on steroids he needs a life. He thinks he is gods gift to women he needs to look in a good mirror he is so ugly who would want to be with that. He is a punk

    1. There is one reason why I think the show is real. With billiions and billions of planets out there, I know there must be life. So, therefore, which planet do you suppose Sonia came from?

  • Too bad most people here insult each other instead of talking like mature people. This repo show looks like a joke, but it's real. I find it disgusting that they send people that look like criminals to do this instead of police officers in uniform! Of course people get violent. the repo people are also violent except for the owner guy. That Matt and the disgusting looking woman should be charge for assault, and they have it all on camera.!

    1. Have you seen the episode where the boss gets hit in the head by the fake beer bottle? This show is such a joke…. It shattered like a prop bottle and he didn't even have a scratch in the next scene. BAHAHA such a JOKE

      1. I saw that, very silly, Soon some smart lawyers will be suing lots of people for this thing, I would if those guys break into my car or house as they do, hit people etc. That Sonia is scary looking! what an ugly creature! wow! That Matt guy should be jailed for assault!

  • fuck that new guy frankie needs to ge off the show. he is a retard yow.and sonia, she needs to be repoed and taken bck to the zoo. lol she bigger than the tow truck. lol. the sho is fun thou and matt aint no bad ass he a pussy. loltalks bad and gets one it he is down. ol and pepper spray ol get some pellet guns or paint ball guns thats what our company uses.

  • Also, I saw an episode where Matt fell to the ground from a pool que hitting him in the leg, and he did this huge embelishment when the guy hit him around the kidney area… heres the thing… he was wearing a leather jacket… come on… they could try a little harder to make it look real lol


  • 1st it's not his wife appearently you haven't seen the show 2nd it called a hide a way tow assembly that way people can't see them coming to avoid confrontation and if you want to make that money you have to be on call 24/7 that's why he has that bluetooth and it's not every repo that they have confrontation on matt's actiong career….so what he's a huge guy it's common to find anybody his size to have some acting career from what my friend who is a repo man himself told me some crazy stories that this happens. what about the episode where froy gets his ass beat? that's not fake but whatever everybody thinks they are some master of forgeries i admit there are some times that the debtors will put on some kind of a show but only because there are cameras, anything to get on tv and what would be the point of bleeping names and blurring faces all these points everybody are trying to make can easily be debunked so unless trutv says it's fake or one of the cast members come out and says it's fake it needs to be taken as reality

  • Who cares if it's real or not! It's called entertainment. When I come home at night (and no not to a trailer park, I own my own home, thank you!) I just want to wash away the stress of the day and this is mindless entertainment. I laugh and that is all I'm looking for, I don't care if they are all actors!

  • hey matt i think you are a seriuos pussy i would love to get into your face and show you how to stay on your feet and be a man!!!!!

  • and bye the way matt i have driven tow truck for over twenty years and i have repoed almost everything and you should go back to ballet you big pussy not ever have i ever had the problems you have it's because everyone knows your a pussy bitch.

  • Hey Brian (yes, “you” Brian…)
    Just between you and me, are you everybody?
    You have my address…
    A.Edward Moss

  • And another question Mr. Brian…, how in the heck can I show the world my gorgeous mug like you?
    Must I say it again? Ha! I freakin' slay me. HHhhhhahahahahahahahaha…..
    No, seriously! Do I have to “pay” money to have a picture?
    Take care…
    A.Edward Moss

  • The simple fact that you can google this EXACT subject goes to show how full of shit this show is. All you have to do is look at the perfect camera angles and the fact that they put their hands on almost every person they get into a heated coversation (you just cant do that, not legally and definitely not on camera) its called assault. If thats not convincing enough…how about the piss poor BAD ACTING!

    Everyone is here because they obviously had doubts.

  • thats his sister moron, its not staged, the cops dont act . who cares if he uses a bluetooth, you just jealous you cant. their tow truck is the same that other repo people have. at first i wondered but its real.

  • wow..whats w/all the arguing? it u want to believe its real..then its real
    if u want to believe its fake..then its fake
    end of story!

  • Never mind i have realized I was wrong.
    I am a complete idiot for my wrong opinions.
    I give my most sincerest of apologies.
    A.Edward Moss

  • My insurance company would Fax me a notice (Canceled Immediately) if they saw my Company acting like these idiots,

  • My husband and I debated for hours wheter the so-called show is real or not…….
    it seemed damn apparent to me that the show was fake as Pam Anderson's tits.
    I don't even find it entertaining, it is so over the top dramatic I can't stand a minute of it! It really ruined my love of the orginal “court tv” now its a far cry from “tru tv” I am disgusted with the entire channel now!
    What happened to the days of forensic files and american justice, thier ROOTS!
    boo! Who ever's bright idea it was to put this show on…. a little word of advice……. FIND SOME “REPO-MAN that I can stand to look at! You got 4 of the ugliest lop peice of shit mother fuckers I have ever seen.

    1. hey, I agree 100% with the last comments. They would have been sued for assault long time ago! The old shows were a lot better. These people look like criminals and I think they are too, the boss guy seems very decent, but if I saw that woman coming to my door I would call the police right away. I agree with you, except for the language you use when writing, please do not use it in the net since kids also read these

  • the wanna be bad guy that pissed his pants, you know who i am talking about. MATT. what a freakin loser, the rest of the cast are idiots that if they didnt have this, probably couldnt find a real job. but that matt is a serious dork, everyone thinks so.

  • come on…of course its a f..fake show…cant u see when they call for help, for cops, those police cars never show identification on the door like a city name or something..fale,fale,fake

  • Your all over reacting morons. Even if Derek is not correct how does it give any of you the right to slander him, belittle him or trash anyone else because your big tough people hiding behind your monitor's. Maybe you all should read the bible. Derek thank's for your service on the police force. Everyone else you should be ashamed of yourselves. Haven't you ever been taught to respect your elder's?

    Some of the situations portrayed in “Operation Repo” violate the Collateral Recovery Act of the State of California, and thus are for entertainment purposes only. (Key word there is some)

  • Allow me to reiterate…
    The best damn reality show I have ever witnessed was the dramatic account of “balloon boy.”
    Now that, my friends, is called entertainment!
    A.Edward Moss

  • Most of you guys are a bunch of morons. First of all, Sonia is Lou's sister and second ,I was on vacation when I saw a big commotion going on down the street.We quietly walked down the street to check it out just as Lou was pepper spraying some loudmouth. I had never seen the show before and was told by some other people watching what it was all about.When we returned from our vacation I found the show on T.V. and watch it every chance I get.After reading some of these comments I realize how bloody stupid some people can be.First of all,they have legal document stating it's a repo job plus there's cameras all over the place, and in case you haven't noticed most of these people admit to being behind on their payments.As for it being staged with actors and such, gimme a break. When I saw lou pepper spraying that guy it look plenty real to me.The repo crew and camera guys all left and this guy was still in the street whining and moaning. The disclaimer in the begining doesn't say it's not real.I guess Parking Wars and Wrecked are staged too! Some people are so skeptical it's pathetic and really does so that for every smart person there is AT LEAST one Dumb person

  • I watched the show in the beginning, but when they had the scene where they're at an ice rink and these guys are going after them????lol…….BOGUS. I won't watch this show anymore.

  • P.S. At first view? You only realize only its fake IF….you're someone who does reposessions for a living? OR….IF you're a poor ass son of a biotch who can't pay their note 😉 and have been reposessed in the past. For those of us who pay our bills on time? It takes a few episodes 😉 lol

    1. Wow, you don't even make sense. What the hell does paying your bills on time have to do with being able to tell if a show is fake or not??? Maybe thinking like that is the reason you can't understand what's real and what's not! I guess you will just have to go back to the “reality” of jerry springer or whatever you watch.

  • In reply to Brian,HOLY SMOKES MAN!!! GET A LIFE. You're constantly whining that you don't watch the show and blah,blah,whine,snivel,snivel. I went through all the comments just to see people's opinions and for 5 MONTHS you been crying about how dumb people are,how naive people are,etc,etc. After I post my comment,I might check back once or twice to see other peoples comments but definitely not every day for 5 MONTHS. I like to do other things like work, party,spend time with my kids and have sex(you can only call it sex Brian if there is another person included,lefty or righty don't count).I don't care if the show is fake or not for crying out loud.It's just entertainment. But for sure I'm not gonna give up part of my life to trying to convince anybody/everybody (insert whiny little voice here)”it's not real,it's not real, it's fake, it's fake”. I'm pretty sure that most people,regardless of believing that Operation Repo is fake or not,would agree with me on this when I say “Hey Brian,build a bridge and get over it man”

    1. I'm not the one whining, I've spent a grand total of about 30 minutes responding to some of these people before realizing that it's a futile waste of time. You'll notice most of the comments are from other people besides myself. I just did a stupid post about a stupid show and all this fallout has taken place.

      Build a bridge and get over it? Wow, I bet you love the phrases in Back to the Future like “Make like a tree and leave.” Genius.

      1. Wearing your collar up like that went out around the same time as back to the future came out.I also took a good look at your profile picture and thought, is that a bluetooth headset in your ear? “what a douchebag”

        1. good god man, for someone who apparently doesn't have time to waste by commenting on stupid blogs, you sure are commenting on my stupid blog quite a bit. Do you not realize that my picture is satirical? That means I'm poking fun at the people who wear bluetooth headsets by also incorporating other douchebag trends like the popping of the collar.

          I can't wait to see what else you have to comment on that will just continue to show your ignorance.

          1. My only other comment is like Rick says about being “invisible”. Just keep on commenting Brain and you won't have to worry about it.

  • i would have to agree with chuck that after reading his comment i too went back through past comments and was really surprised that this brian character has this much time on his hands to dedicate so much of his “life” to complaining about the “reality” of operation repo. i got a good laugh from brian's comment to jeffsgirl about he stopped saying “get a life” in the sixth grade. pretty grown up are we now brian? yea it really looks like it! it's grown up hiding behind a monitor , shooting off your mouth eh! you're probably pretty tough on the phone too i bet.(lol) But without the computer to hide behind you would probably be one of those people that go through life being invisible so if this makes you feel important, fill your boots boy!

      1. “Not worth your time” but you still used your time to reply and say that. I guess if you didn't reply you might be invisible. Your reply to this comment will also keep you from being invisible unless you don't reply. (yea right)

      2. Hey “B. Man” (Brian)
        Every once in a while, I visit this web site to see what you have written. Do you remember my earlier email?
        Now I'm curious as to whom is actually an “idiot” and who is you.
        You're quite good but the futile attempt (no disrespect) has many similarities in the style, if ya know what I mean…
        Anyhoo, I'll be back. You be Mozart… Ha!

  • You've gotta be really stupid to think this show “operation repo” is real. It's fake. People trying to be actors (terrible ones at that) and a script that's at best stupid. Matt is an overactor and a terrible one at that. Sonya is a circus freak and Linda is 3 pounds of makeup short of being sonya. The show is based highly on shock value. It's no reality show…..it's totally scripted. They break the law when doing repo's.. like watch the show and watch how many law's get broken when Matt is on. The show helps Matt appear to be bad and mean, when really he's a whimp and scared to fight. He's just arrogant and full of himself. Same with the girls who are insecure and are spoiled cause their daddy/brother owns the company (if he indeed really owns a real repo company, if he does it's just a company he made for the fake show). Frodo or whatever his name is, uses the show to act like a ladies man. Their all out to use the fake show to their individual advantages. There is NO doubt the show is scripted and fake. That's obvious. Any retard could tell you that. I personally think the show is funny, but have lost interest in the show since the level of acting is really bad. You people defending the show cause you think it's real, make me laugh. Most those people in show have appeared in other “reality” shows….their all wanna be/washed up actors.

    1. Did you ever think that maybe you think it's bad acting because it is real life,they don't get ten takes to get it right. The episode with the guy that thinks he's micheal jackson and kicks matt in the hooch, you think thats bad acting? First of all,who the hell could come up with a script like that and second,i see shit every day that if i thought it was acting i would say it's bad acting but because it's happening right in front of me i have to believe its real life. So the next time you see something in front of you that looks like it's bad acting what are you gonna say….it's not real because it's bad acting. As far as i'm concerned thats what makes real life…real . Most people are bad actors thats why most people aren't movie stars. Also you need to look up repo laws in cali (i have)and you would see that unless the gate or fence is locked,once you have the vehicle,possesion is nine tenths of the law. Also if you have proof that someone physically assaulted you first,(duh, thats why the cameras are there) you are acting in self defense. Thats why if matt puts a guy in a choke hold to RESTRAIN him, he's not breaking the law as long as he can prove the guy assaulted him first(remember the camera thing).Thats why you don't see him punching guys in the face and actually fighting . he's only restraining them. Before you start calling people retards you should think about what you're saying.People keep bringing up this thing about bad acting which is kinda stupid because real life isn't good acting or bad acting, it's not acting at all . It's real. I'm sure that if I was caught on camera for some kind of reality show most people would think I was a bad actor,because I don't care if I'm good or bad at acting I'm just being me.Does that mean I'm faking it.Of course not. Which ever way somebody behaves when there car is being repo'ed isn't good or bad acting it's just the way they act…………..period! Back to the Micheal Jackson episode again, who the hell has the right to say how that guy was supposed to act. He's got mental problems and he's gonna behave (not act) however he's wants to behave,and it's not good or bad acting……it's not acting at all!! To say a reality show has bad acting is kind of a dumbass thing to say.You can say that Matt is a goof or Sonia is fairly nasty looking, but you can't call them bad actors because what the hell are they supposed to act like,they are just being themselves.

    2. Definitely Fake. Besides all the countless items discussed on here, IMDB lists them ALL as ACTORS. Froy was actually a MAKE UP ARTIST for Ali and A beautiful Mind! Even some of the “debtors” are played by actors on Operation Repo's IMDB page.

  • Maybe if you guys read the disclaimer before each show you would see “The stories that are PORTRAYED in this program are BASED on real events” yeah its fake they kinda tell you that.. lol

  • I honestly wish operation repo was real but theres to much stuff proving that it's probably staged. Either way, it's a funny show and i'm not going to give anyone a hard time if they think otherwise, and I noticed you guys finally got brian to shut up (unless he responds to this).

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