Sharktank Clip – Bluetooth Implant WTF!

You won’t look like a douche…but you’ll be dead soon enough


Maybe this guy realized what a dumb idea it actually is, but his presentation skills were just awful…have some confidence guy!

Surprised they didn’t mention the douche factor involved as well.  How sad would it be if you had to be on the phone so much that it warranted having a bluetooth earpiece surgically implanted in your head!


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3 thoughts on “Sharktank Clip – Bluetooth Implant WTF!”

  • There is nothing dumb about bluetooth implants. The investors are morons, who doesn'thave any clue about technology. One retard is asking “Implant where? “. He doesn't even know , implant means that something that goes in your body. I'm losing so many bluetooths, I've no problem getting a tiny implant. But obviously need to figure out the upgrade strategy. No one wants to go for surgery every 2 years! And like the other reviewer said, this guy doesn't have any confidence. But come on, the investors didn't even give them a break. What retards! He should take it out some silicon valley investors or someone who really invests in medical implants or serious electronics/technology. Mark me, in about 10-20 years bluetooth and similar technology (nano or otherwise) willbe a routine thing. And some ofthem might be even required by your government, healthcare etc.,

    1. Yeah right, it’s a joke. Humans are not machines and never will be. A bluetooth is retarded enough without being sewn into your ear let alone having a power cord plugged into your head at night. The shark tank people are rich douchebags annd the dude with the implant idea might be retarded

      1. I have a 5 x 4 cm lump in my breast, malignant, that has moved to almost every bone in my body. I am 36, with stage four breast cancer. Why? Because I kept my cell phone in my right bra for 7 years. Blue tooth has been shown to act on our cells the same way a mobile phone to your ear does. They both, the phone and the blue-tooth device, cause activity in the brain on the side where the device is located. The ONLY safe way to use a mobile device is on speaker and a good 6 inches from your body, or with a corded headset. There is NO WAY IN HELL you will find me IMPLANTING a CANCER CAUSING DEVICE MILLIMETERS from my BRAIN!!!! I sure the heck hope this product endures DECADES of studies before it hits the mass market!!!!

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