Tom Cruise? Is that you on the bluetooth?

“Katie, fire up the space shuttle, I’m going to need a ride!”



Found this Twitpic from @superk in Seattle, WA.  Thank you!

A few questions come to mind when I look at this picture:

What’s Tom Cruise doing in Seattle?

Why is he checking under his own hood?

Who is he talking to?

All these questions are answered by Scientology of course!

He’s in Seattle to make sure there aren’t any more protest issues like this one.

He’s checking under his own hood becuase he wants to appear to be normal despite his Scientologist ways…he’ll do that any chance he gets since he’s so CaRAzeeEEe!

He’s talking to Xenu of course, that isn’t any normal bluetooth in his ear folks, he’s got a direct line with the big man himself!

local_offerevent_note August 15, 2009

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