Crikey, it’s a douchebag safari!

Bettah be reeeel carefoool!

airport bluetooth douchebag


Guess who took this one?  You bet! @bleutool from twitter strikes again!  This one is a bit different though because he caught this lil’ guy out of his element which is obviously the Australian outback.  I wonder if that’s what he’s going to rent from Hertz, a Subaru Outback.  I’ll tell you one thing though, he probably doesn’t plan on taking that earpiece out when talking to the service agent.  Can you blame him though?  When you’re as important as he is you have to let everyone know (especially if they work in the service industry) how important you are.

Who’s he talking to?

The guys from Flight of the Conchords, seeing if he can swing by New Zealand while he’s down under in the outback.


local_offerevent_note September 4, 2009

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