He must know something we don’t



Most high power business executives like to conduct their meetings in a board room, in their office or maybe even Starbucks for a more low key meeting…not this guy!

Who’s he talking to?

Donald Trump of course!  Who else would have the confidence to wear this outfit on the street but someone who deals with the highest minds in business!

Thanks to @stephenpeasley for this shot on TwitPic.  I believe he resides in Canada, which explains a lot.


local_offerevent_note August 27, 2009

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9 thoughts on “Crazy…Bluetooth…Fannypack…Pink…WTF”

  • I would suggest that this person is not a douchebag, but is probably homeless and mentally disturbed. Let's just stick to douchebags and leave people with psychological problems alone

    1. ASSUMING that a person is mentally disturbed and has psychological problems just by looking at them does what to help the issue, exactly? What if he were a totally well-adjusted high-powered executive and family man who was just dressing up as part of some hallowe'en celebration?

      1. Great point jfriah! I think it's actually more insulting to assume just based on appearance that he's homeless or mentally disturbed…we shouldn't judge people based on appearance, just their level of douche based on the bluetooth earpiece they're wearing.

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