Haitian Connection Bluetooth Douchebag

caribbean_hotboy-bluetooth1Whenever a new social networking site pops up we’re forced to ask ourselves “what picture should I use for my profile?”

Put up your best front

As soon as he signed up, Tevonte AKA caribbean_hotboy knew exactly what picture would be PERFECT!

50 Cent lookalike?

He though to himself “You know what, I’m going to show this world how important I am.  I’m going to give my best ’50 Cent’ look and maybe close some business deals on my bluetooth at the same time!”

Bravo Tevonte, mission accomplished.  You are by far the coolest mother fucker on Haitian Connection.  When all ‘dem hoes be comin’ ’round your profile page you can bet they’ll be all over your business deal closin’ ass!

local_offerevent_note July 31, 2009

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