New Species: “Hands Full Hands Free”

look ma! both hands!
look ma! both hands!

New Species: Hands Full Hands Free

I’ve decided to name a new species of handsfree homosapiens, they will now be referred to as “hands full hands free” or HF2 (read HF squared).


This species is actually a deevolution in which the bluetooth douche has stepped backwards in the evolutionary process and devolved into someone that ends up using two hands with their handsfree device.

“Those days are long gone” you say

Bullshit.  Here’s a recent sighting at Loco Patron in Scottsdale, AZ.

Natural Blonde HF2Who’s she talking to?

She’s either talking to her dad (pictured above) or her boyfriend who’s been shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square down the street for the last 3 hours (he’s actually on a bluetooth device and doesn’t want to be seen with her in public since she’s exhibited devolving characteristics.

What to do if you encounter them:

If you see any of these handsfree homosapiens then PLEASE, do not attempt to converse with them, they will most likely be speaking some sort of primitive language you won’t understand anyways.  Just snap a picture (they might be amazed at the technological marriage between cell phone and camera) and submit to this site so we can keep a pulse on whether this is becoming an epidemic or not.

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