Secret Agent Man

thinks he's in the secret service
thinks he's in the secret service

I actually saw this guy when Obama came to visit a school in the area.  Looks like he wants to be part of the secret service for three reasons:

  1. Bluetooth – obviously for top secret communications because we all know how secure Bluetooth is, can’t be hacked at all…
  2. Sunglasses – even though it’s overcast, he doesn’t want you to know where he’s looking.  Is he looking directly into the camera or does he spot a bogey on the grassy knoll to the left???
  3. No smile – all this “guarding the president shit” is damn serious soldier!

I wasn’t going to say anything about the goatee but a recent infomercial changed my mind…he must use the Goatee Saver, just too bad he can’t get the top to connect with the bottom!

Best of luck with the secret service guy!


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